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My surgery was March 12 at 7:30 in the morning. My catheter drain is clear, looks like it is just urine. Doctor won't remove catheter until Marcxh 26. I am concerned about testicle swelling but I guess this is normal. Can't find anything about it in Walsh's book. How common is testicle swelling?

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Hi - this is Jean, JackB's wife. I don't remember if his testicles swelled up, but I do remember that his penis swelled so badly, it looked like it was going to explode (this was about one week post-op). We were so alarmed, we called the resident-on-call (it was early in the morning, before the urology dept. at Hopkins opened). He, and later, JAck's doctor, assured us it was normal (and, in fact, this side effect was discussed in Jack's discharge papers -- we were too scared and forgot to look). Anyway, call your doctor just to ensure that this is normal, too. Good luck.

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My surgery was 3/29/01. I do not remember any significant swelliny anywhere in the groin area. I do remember being somewhat concerned about some leakage and swelling arround the drainage incision. If you have brought it to the attention of your physician, he must not be too concerned. Just because I did not encounter any swelling does not mean it is not common.

Good Luck!

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HI Kinderman3,
Three years ago this month Dr. Partin at Johns Hopkins did a Radical Prostatectomy on me with excellent results. I certainly disliked the d---d Foley. Only had minor swelling. I hope that your Dr. practiced nerve sparing techinque. I had swelling later and was told that I needed an antibiotic which fixed it easily. Good luck buddy.

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I also had swelling in one testicle. Mine was the result of the urologist severing
the testicle cord from the bladder. It is one way they castrate you. When I was young
I had an appendic's operation and later a hernia operation on my right side. I was sensitive in my right abdomen because of these two operations. After the above surgery procedure mentioned my right side is no longer as sensitive as it was.
Also I was very weak in my lower abdomen before surgery...I attributed this to weak abdominal walls because of hernias. But most of it was the fact that my prostate was making me extremely sore it that area. I feel so much better after having prostate surgery. I am not incontinent. I had a fear about that as well that the cancer might have been in my lymph nodes or bone before surgery.
I can still have sex with my wife using the vacuum pump system (which I highly recommend. Life is not over after radical prostate surgery. I am 65 years of age and feel better than I have in years. I exercise and take vitamins. I try to get plenty of rest also. The prostate surgery was after I had had 3 back operations for herniated disks. Even my back feels better after having prostate surgery. I am reasonably strong for a 65 years old male..I work in the yard and garden and like to camp and travel. For all of my fellow males who have gone through or are anticipating prostate surgery I leave this message....each will have their own experiences and decisions to make regarding this issue....but take heart for I also had all the fears and anxieties that go with this disease...I try to be a Christian gentleman and have been baptized into the family of God...each man has to choose the road he will travel and may you find the right trail for you...your Brother in the sense we are all made in the image of God...May God take a liking to you

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Good morning. I am an active 57 year old. I am going to have perineal RP in the fall and have the same concern about catheter. I would be interested in hearing what one does for two weeks while the catheter is in? Does one hang around the house, read books, draw, cook. I assume no mowing the grass, walking the dogs, etc????????????????

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I did not have the perineal procedure, but I did have the catheter for 10 days. I think you will find that it is not too confining, more of a nuisance really. I was walking for 1/2 mile within 3-4 days following surgery, even before the catheter was removed. Perhaps someone that had the perineal procedure will give you a different report. Good luck, I had my surgery a year ago this past March 29. I have no continence problems and am now leading life as I was pre surgery.

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I just had the surgery on Feb 9, and have been home with the catheter for about 7 days. You should get a leg bag which straps to your thigh and where the urine drains. You can go about your daily activities once you are up to it. I do stay home most of the time, but have gone on shopping trips to Target, etc. If your (small) leg bag fills, you can go to a restroom and easily empty it. The Foley is a bit of a nuisance, but you get used to it. At night, you switch to a full-size bag that connects via a long tube to the catheter tube coming out of your penis. This way, you can be in bed all night without emptying the bag. I do look forward to getting it removed! By the way, after a few days I was able to walk my dog with no problems. Look at the silver lining: with a catheter, you won't have to get up in the night to pee!

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But the folks who (in 2002) requested info aren't likely to read the forum anymore...

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Well, here is someone who can relate. I had my surgery on Feb. 29th; about two days later I noticed that my penis and testicles both had swolen tremendously......called my doctor right away, about 10:00pm at night; very frightened. He says, don't worry, it is natures way of healing. So, he was right! No problem.

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Any comments?

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Had a robotic prostate removal through the abdomen almost three years ago, no swelling or pain.  To Kennedydk you can do just about anything your doctor allows.  For me the cath was very irritating at the end of my penis.  I stayed in the house for 2 weeks and did walking laps around the house to keep active. I wore the leg bag during the day and the larger bag at night.  Make sure to keep all the connection points when you switch bags very clean to avoid an infection.

Dave 3+4

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