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Just diagnosed w/Invasive Ductal Cancer - Stage I, Tumor Stage T1C. Have had lumpectomy and most recent my lymph nodes were removed. (Lymph nodes were negative and no mestastis elsewhere in my body.) My recommended treatment is 6-1/2 weeks radiation, 6 months chemo (CMF) and 5 yrs of Arimidex.

Is there anyone out there with a similar breast cancer condition who has undergone a this same type of treatment? I would very much like to know your views. Mainly, do you really think it was worth going through the chemotherapy?

Additionally, is there anyone who might have had a similar type of breast cancer that chose an 'alternative type of therapy" and if so what, and what kind of results have you achieved?

Desparate for information.

Thank you!

I really don't know if it

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I'm just a naive newcomer--told a little over a week ago I had cancer, Had to wait a week till Friday night to hear what kind. Hang in there. I don't have your answers but soon, these women will start responding and someone will tell you not necessarily exactly what you want to hear but definitely what you need to know.

Life is really scarey sometimes and nobody has all you answers. Isn't that how it was before? But you've come to the right place. Someone soon will help you as they have me.

God bless you and find you peace. You have to do your part too,

Feeling for you,


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I had a very similar diagnosis. Lumpectomy, negative nodes. I took 8 rounds of Chemotherapy - 4 Adriamycin/Cytoxin and 4 Taxotere. I had 7 weeks of radiation and now I'm taking Tamoxifen. My Oncologist admits to being agressive in my treatment for several reasons ... the tumor was 2.4cm, I test her2/neu strongly positive and I am still relatively young ... 42 at the time. Your doctor can explain the benefits of the chemo and if they out weigh the side effects. Chemo can be hard on the body (and mind)...I finished April 2001 ... I am feeling fine now ... it took a while but it has given me peace of mind that I have done everything suggested. However, if my tumor had of been under 2 probably wouldn't have gone through it....if I had the option. Ask your Doc some more questions ... you need to feel comfortable with your dicision. Let us know what you decide ... and keep posting! Take Care. Jamie

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I would love to talk to you, my cancer was just about exactly the same as yours and I was wondering if you are considering taking herceptin as a preventive ? You can email me anytime at nocarb1@yahoo.com

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I am currently taking herceptin. It is a great treatment. There really aren't any side effects from it at all. I am half done, still have 6 more months to go. e-mail me if you want to chat! cmlamm@netins.net


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Dear Kuga
I had stage 1 BC 21 years ago with a mastectomy & node removal (all of them in right armpit) & did not have chemo or radiation. Now I am in stage 1V recurrence with mets to lung & bones. SO yes have the chemo & be sure. You don't want to be where I am in a few years just to duck a treatment that is now bearable with all the side effects meds available. Take no chances & bet on living.

Love & hugs

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I had breast cancer twice, once in 96, the second in 99. Had lumpectomy, chemo and radiation both times.The two cancers were unrelated, even though both were in a breast. Rather to overkill than under kill.
I'm 41-so I was 35 the first time. So far 3 years. Go for it all. Shellbell

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i have infiltrative ductal Carcinoma stage 1 with one node involved. I had a lumpectomy than  i had  33 round of radiation treatment and i am now on Arimidex 1 mg. once a day for 5 years . i am monitoring my side effects as there are many and that has me concerned . i did  not have to do chemo . i had a oncotype breast cancer assay report done . Did you ? 

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i had lumpectomy and 2 nodes removed. It came out negative. I had 6 weeks of radiation and just completed it.  I did not have to do chemo as my tumor was very small.  I am still recuperating from the radiation burns.  I found Reiki very helpful with stress.  I also do deep breathing when I stress out.  i will be doing estrogen treatment soon also.  

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