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any get a hernia after surgery?

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I have been told that I have a hernia due to my incision not healing correctly. I am scared to death that the cancewr is back. Dr appointment is tommorrow with onc to determine what to do. Is everything for the rest of my life going to scare me to death and make me think the cancer is there and growing again????

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Hey there. I'm sure that everything is just fine and will pray for you for your appointment tomorrow! I too get scared at every little ache in my body...always wondering if the cancer is back. I've heard that time helps. Also do your research on the form of cancer you had. It helps to have facts to reason with at times of doubt. I had a similar form of ovarian cancer called an immature teratoma (a germ cell cancer). You can go to my webpage to read my story. If you ever want to converse with someone...let me know I would love to!
Good luck at your appointment...all will be well!
God Bless,

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Some of us do have fears for a long time. Others feel better over time, as more things come up that turn out NOT to be cancer. Like you, I was staged at 1a and my oncologist said I didn't need chemo or other treatment after surgery. (I didn't get a hernia...so far as I know...) It's been about a year and a half since my diagnosis, and I'm a bit calmer than I used to be. But I still do worry over aches and pains until they're investigated. It's just part of the person I've become after having cancer. I'm trying to learn to accept it (the fear) and live my life anyway. I hope the fears fade for you, too.


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dear rachel i also got a hernia after surgery which I am told is very common.
I like you am always scared that every new ache and pain is cancer again. I have been cancer free for almost 5 years and the fear still sneaks in every once and a while.
but I quess we just pray for peace of mind.
god bless you.

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I got 5 had to have 3 surgeries to repair. The last doctor used the mesh. It is holding.

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