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Pam, your tribute to Rosa,

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IS BEAUTIFUL. I just finished reading it and your words express your feelings so perfectly. I think each one of us here, loved that young lady. She touched each of us in such a personal way. I too, will miss the emails,and phone talks, but most of all I will miss that spirit of survival that she shared with everyone. I find myself talking about her daily and thinking about her many times a day. She is very much alive in my heart. You, my friend, just keep on kicking some cancer butt....Sending you love, Nancy

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Dear Pam and all you wonderful ladies on this breast cancer board. I am a lung mets to brain cancer patient, however your board is so active I visit every day. Many of the issues are the same and your support so great I hope you don't mind. I was also so sad at the passing of the Tiger. Thank you for the
tribute Pam. I feel like I know all you ladies because I have been lurking since August, 2000. Only good thoughts to everyone. Grammy

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Pam, Your tribute to Rosa was beautiful. I grew to love her even though I only chated with her personally a few times.I always rushed home to see if she posted for the day! I will always remember her strength and courage through this whole ordeal. Thank you for all you have done and are presently doing for everyone. You are special just as Rosa is/ was. Keep up the good work! Stay well. Keep us in your thoughts and prayers. HUGS!! Cathy

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