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Re: Who got curls

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I was reading the message under Re: who got curls and the message from Susan (tcbangles) about the aloe Vera plant. I'm in Florida visiting my sister and was able to buy a large piece of an Aloe plant in the grocery store. I started putting it on my head last night. I finished my chemo Jan. 18 my hair is starting to come back but I don't have much length to it. Hoping the Aloe plant will help. It doesn't look like I have curls but maybe it's too early to tell. I have always had a lot of hair but it was very fine with no body to it. I can't wait to see what it will be like. How long before you know for sure you are getting curls?
Love and lots of prayers Sylvia

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Hi Sylvia,
I never had much body or curl in my hair before the chemo, but when it started to come back it was about 4 or 5 inches long when I noticed some body and curl to it.Now I have had it cut about 5 times so my curl is gone but I do still have some body to it. I look at it this way at least it came back, Thank the Lord.Glad to hear from you let us know how yours comes back. By the way mine was dark and came back white in the front and grey in the back.
God Bless

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I sort of got curls - my hair was perfectly straight and the new hair has a little curl in the middle of my forehead and the entire back is curly. All I need to do now is wash, put in a little mousse and squish and let it dry. I get a lot of good comments.

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My last chemo was in Aug 01. AND do I ever have curls! My hair was naturally curly and thick before, and it is again! only with a large patch of white @one of the temples. I am having a minor clip on some unruly ends and a color job like it was before chemo. A bit of gel and finger- styling and I'm outta here.

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I finished my chemotherapy last April, my hair came back slowly. I had thin hair with very little body before. I have a mass of very thick, very curly hair.....unbelievable....

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