Another Surgery Story

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I had a radical prostectomy on February on February 12, 2002. This was performed after 2 years of biopsy's. It stated when years ago, I would hold my urine at night (too lazy to get out of bed) When I finally did get up to urinate I would have a very slow stream that would take forever to empty my bladder. I consulted my family doctor and he stated that I was stretching my urethea tube, because after I finished going this first time in the morning I was fine the rest of the day. I was 49 years old at this time. I took it upon myself to see a urologist. He gave me a digital exam and told me to come back in a year. (I was the healthiest person in his office) I returned to my family doctor and asked him to refer me to a urologist that he recommended. At this time my PSA was 4.9. After going to the new urologist he examined me and after taking a new PSA that was now 5.2 he ordered a ultra sound biopsy. He took 12 samples from around different areas of the prostate. The results showed "Prostatitis" I was given an antibiotic and told to return in 3 months.Three months later my PSA was was 5.7 and so it went for two years. I had biopsy's at 6 months, 3 months, intervals. Also my PSA were climbing to 7.6 As the time went on I had started to develop "A Typical Cells" later followed by High Grade "PIN". On 9/11/01 (The day the world stood still) I was diagnosed with pre- cancerious cells) On December 6th, 2001 I had my last biopsy. On December 10th, 2001 I was notified I had "Prostae Cancer". After a Bone Scan, X-Rays, MRI of the Prostate,a Cystostomy. I had a consultation with a Radiation Oncology. All indications were that the cancer was at this time confined to the prostate. I am 51 years old, and the recomendation of Oncology and the Urologist was "Radical Prostectomy". I had the surgery on February 12, 2002. I came home with a catheter and staples on Febryary 15th. The Staples were removed on February 22nd. The catheter was removed on March 4th. I am currently incontinent. I was fortunate that I have no leaking of urine at night, and for the most part when I am sitting. Standing and walking is no picnic. I feel that right now, when I stand I am able to hold back some urine, if the bathroom is not too far. The further the bathroom the least likely I am to have any urine left by the time I get there. Today is March 17th. I am planning to return to work on Tuesday, March 19th. I have a desk job for the most part so I feel that I can do the same there as I am at home. I will keep you posted as to my progress.
THIS IS NOT MENT AS AN ENDORSEMENT OF THE SURGERY. I still have some obstacles to overcome. What I do hope this says is if you feel that something is wrong check it out. You know how your body works. Not all doctors finish at the top of the class (only 50%) and you have know idea who they are. I found a Urologist, that was as far as I'm concerned is the top in his field. I trusted him and put my life in his hands. He saved my life. As I was going for the biopsy's there was a grease board that listed how many samples each dorctor required. Most were 5 to 7. My doctor was 12. At 51 years old he found it. 7 sample may have taken another 2 or 5 years to find.