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A note

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I have written a few of you and told you about a site I found very helpful for me. I thought I would share with everyone. ivillage.com is a community of women from all over the world. They have many different kinds of chats including a Breast Cancer chat that is very active. There a set nights for BC chat and I think they are 9:00pm est Thursday night and Friday night. I have found very nice women in them and found it to be very helpful. Until we can figure something out here for ourselves I just wanted others to know there are places one can go and ivillage is a good place. I hope we all can get together and fix something up for ourselves here too. Chatting with others is a more personal way to get to know each other. I hope we all can come together for one night in here a week and post the information for new members so they too will know about it. I need help since I just started the ball rolling. I hope some will help me. Or maybe one knows about setting up a new chat room somewhere that is easier than this chat.
Thanks for are your help I will try to figure something out to benefit this site.
Love all of you,

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Hi there Tara,
Ive talked to a few in here that like yourself have AIM and if your just wanting to chat just give these folk your Screen name and then open a room of your own i can show you how if you want then whenever you see one of your buddies online you can send them an invite into the room and you can all set up a time you would want to meet. You can create and name the room anything you want to and open it when YOU sign on. If your interested let me know Monday morning once im back in the office.

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