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Update for you all

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I am so glad to see so many women posting to Sue's question. I have been reading and writing her for over a year now and don't know what I would do without all of you? I am still having problems, feeling worse than ever even though I have had many tests trying to find out what is the matter. Lately I haven't had much energy to much of anything. I am still having much difficulty eating, everything causing me pain. It is hard to believe that I have been struggling with this since October. I have dropped a pile of weight, a concern since it keeps going down. Today I went to pain specialist and can't believe that I barely have enough energy to carry this body of mine around. The next step it seems is to reassess me for any cancer. It seems a little weird to me this is something we are doing now after being sick for this long. I am getting very sick and tired of all these tests. Unlike most women my worry isn't that I have cancer, my worry is that they won't find anything and I will have to suffer the rest of my life. I am alittle concerned that maybe they should of done this first but once again they are the doctors what do I know?? One of these days I know I will be posting a FEEL GOOD message and what patiently for that day. My son is taking his mother home for a family visit. What a change I have to say. He is the one making all the arrangements and even paying his mothers ticket for a flight back home. It still is hard to believe for me since it wasn't that long ago I worried if he would ever find his way, boy has he ever. It is really strange having your son looking out for you when for years it seemed he really didn't give a hoot. I am so fortunate to have seen these days, filled with love from his heart not just from the lip service I became so use to. I look forward to go home with him and spend time with my parents who have had such a bad start to the year. My mother as you know almost died on New Years Eve and my father has just been diagnosed with emphasema and hasn't been well. I am so glad to be returning home with my son, who has surprised us all.
Be good to yourselves, as I will be to me.
Love you all,

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Hi Tara,
What a blessing children can be.....as much as I hate to see mine grow up, I also look forward to seeing what they will become.I hope you have a nice visit with your family.
I'm praying for you and your drs. that they can find the cause of your pain, and some relief too. Hang in there.

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Hope you have a wonderful trip. I just know you'll enjoy the time spent with your son, who has "found himself". I think kids are just the BEST! Although they have to bumble about for some years, trying to become independent and finding their own path, they mostly get there and what a wonderful joy for you to share in his arrival as a loving, more mature young man! Your heart must be so full!!!
I hope that your father will improve soon. Having you come to visit is bound to lift both your parents spirits. Bon Voyage!

Love, light and laughter,

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Hi, Tara, what a miserable thing to feel rotten all the time! I sure hope you find out something soon. It's hard to believe, but what a wonderful thing to see your son step up to the plate so magnificently! Tell your Mom & Dad hi, from your onco sisters. We love you all and you are in our prayers, Shirlann

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Dear Tara
You write to me so often with your wishes for me & now it is my turn. Kids do surprise us. My daughter was a solo mother at 22 & has never really buckled down to a career despite being intelligent but our grandson is the light of our life now & she has been so wonderful since I was Dx'd again. She does my housework & gives me foot massages when my feet go icy from poor circulation due to spinal tumours & she does my gardening. They do surprise you & "come right" & we realise we weren't such bad parents after all. I do hope they find just what is wrong with you & treat it appropriately. All that pain drags you down so much & the worry is the worst of all. You wonder if you are imagining it all or if they think you are when you know there is something wrong. Keep us posted & try not to worry. Enjoy your trip.
Love & hugs

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I am a cancer nurse, and a breast cancer survivor of just one year. When I used to educate my patients, I would tell them to use 6 months for treatment and 6 months for recuperation. I am now into my 13th month and still am very tired, have little stamina or strength, even though the terrible fatigue is gone. I have joined a fitness center and work out just 15-30 minutes at a time - I think it is helping. Just don't be in such a hurry! I pray that everything will be well for you. God bless.

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