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Thanks again from worried

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I pressed my GP for more information ...she actually specialized in gynocology but is in general practice ... and she explained that because the cyst is soft and not a mass it does not indicate cancer. She suggested I take a CA125 blood test if I wanted to have more comfort. I had the test results faxed to my Oncologist ...but he's on vacation and didn't leave me his cell number ... the nerve of that man!! Taking a vacation!! So he'll look at it next week and we'll decide to biopsy or not. The other issue is cancer or not ... I still have pain and discomfort. Thanks for all the encouragement you all have given me. Love to all. Jamie

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I had another thought if it is determined that everything is o.k. (cysts and fibroid)they could still be the cause of your pain. Lupron which can help to reduce size and sometimes get rid of fibroids might be an option.

Love, hugs, and prayers,


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