Stage IV stomach cancer

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My 36 year old husband has been diagnosed with stomach cancer which has spread to his liver. He is currently healthy otherwise and is having chemotherapy and tolerating it well. His doctors say he will die in a couple years. Are there any long term survivors of this disease? We need hope right now.


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    Yes , I am going on five years of surviving with stomach cancer..I had my stomach removed , there has been some bad day's, but all in all I have made it very well. I had chemo, radiation and chemo again.
    good luck to you ...T P.
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    I was diagnosed with Linitus Plastica, a stomach cancer when I was 48, back in January 2000. I underwent a total gastrectomy and a splenectomy, then chemotherapy callead EAP treatment. I was quite sick throughout the chemotherapy, but recovered and eventually returned to work in September 2000. In October of 2001, I had a reocurrance of stomach cancer in my esophogous. I am presently undergoing chemotherapy at the Mass General Hospital in Boston, and tolerating it well. It is a phase 1 trial study with a drug by Millenium called PS 341 and combined with Irinotecan (or CPT-11). The CPT 11 has been effective with stomach cancer but the added PS 341 is hypothesized to enhance the effectiveness of the CPT-11. I'm told this is my best chance against the stomach cancer.
    I know how difficult this time is for you but keeping an optimistic and victorious attitude towards fighting this cancer will go a long way for you and your husband. My prayers are with you. God Bless!
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    Each case is unique, as is your husband.
    I personally don't care for the death prognosis all too frequently handed out by caregivers. I would never suggest giving out false hope nor 'sticking your head in the sand' but your husband is not a statistic. He is a human being who has just as much chance of 'beating the odds' as the next person. Could your husband be the person that does that? Why not? To put it bluntly: until the first shovel of dirt is tossed in you have a chance to survive. Do not let a pronouncement of death allow you nor your husband to give up this fight.
    Some people want to know the odds for survival. All I wanted to know is what can we do to beat this thing. I got very angry at my cancer and was indignant with my tumor. That may be laughable to some people but to me it was the way for me to fight mentally, especially when it seemed that my body was not up to the task of doing battle against the "****" tumor/cancer.
    I was diagnosed July of 2001 with an adenocarcinoma tumor of the stomach that was aggressively growing into my esophagus. I had surgery to remove half my stomach and most of my esophagus. It had also spread to at least eight of thirteen lymph nodes that were removed. For me the best thing to do was to get the cancer out of me as quickly as possible although that may not be appropriate for your husband. The way it was presented to me was that regardless of treatment that most likely sooner or later surgery was going to have to be performed to remove the tumor.
    I would suggest you read the latest version of Lance Armstrong's book. Although he had a different type of cancer the treatments and after effects are not dissimilar for most cancer patients. I found his insight and experience to be very helpful to me.
    I don't consider myself a long term survivor yet as it has been less than a year but current tests indicate that I am cancer free as of now.
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    Recently diagnosed with stage IV stomach cancer at 33 what keeps me going is my choice to live and not die because I read/heard it somewhere. The biggest advantage your Husband and I have in common, as my Doctors have preached to me, is our youth. I've had my entire stomach removed, gone through chemo and looking forward to radiation. This month two tests revealed no sign of Cancer. Be strong and always keep a smile on your face :o)

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    My dad is exactly the same.
    My dad is exactly the same. If that dang liver hadn't gotten spread to, we would have more options. I'm sure u know, but stories of survival after stomach surgery, etc were possible bc those patients hadn't had their cancers spread to the liver. Ours has. I've been hopeful like you, but have started to try to focus now on the quality if life left w my dad. It's so hard to even admit still or write. Sigh. Good luck and prayers your way!!