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Painful joints can anyone suggest?

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I am not new to this discussion group, Iwas diagnosed with smclc, treated with v16 and cisplat--- and radiation at the same time, they called me incurable and put me on topotecan, i did like 3 rounds of it and got a needle biopsy and they found fibrous tissue not cancer, so they decided to give me a pci, that is a precautionary brain radiation, another friend and I were going through the same thing,, now we both have sevear pain in the muscles, I work out and it is like it does not heal. I am taking calcium, magnesium, potasium, vit. e ,c,kelp,codliver oil,. They told me I was cured and now they found another nsclc so they plan to operate. I would really like to get rid of this pain so I can deal with the next, any suggestion would be helpful, the docters all say hhummmmmmmmm but then again I am on medicaid. Tdreamflyer@cs.com

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Hey terri. I talked to my herbologist about your problem and he suggested Thuja Occidentalis, Arnica Montana, Malic Acid (or 3 or 4 apples a day.) They are some homeopathic remedies that you might want to try. Hope that helps. Keep me updated. Cindy

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