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Regarding Herciptin

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Hi it's lilmermaid. Brenda I just got your message. I did not know you had liver mets. How long have you had it and how many different chemos have you had. You said your liver is clear for now, does that mean the tumors have dissappeared? What is herciptin? Is it a chemo and does it have any side effects? How long were you on it? Are you on any treatments now? I was on hormonal therapy for years. I was on Tamoxifin from Jan. 93 till Jan 96 when I had a broken rib due to my liver mets, then they put me on megace from Jan 96 till Feb. 2000 because of the progression of the bone mets. Then they put me on Arimidex. They took me off of Arimidex in Dec. 2001 because I had a lump under my mastectomy arm which was malignant and then found mets in my liver. Then they put meon Chemo. If any one else hs liver mets I would like to hear from them. Talk to you later. Love and prayers always. Sylvia

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Dear Sylvia.
Herceptin is in a different drug class than what I call 'toxic' chemos. Your biopsy has to show that your tumor is overexpressing her2neu cells for you to be placed on this. It actually aids your own 'killer t-cells' to attack the malignant cells. There are very few side effects - hardly worth mentioning after what the Taxol (toxic chemo) does to you. Taxol or Taxotere are the only chemos that can be given with Herceptin because of possible heart damage. My liver mets stayed stable, and I took my last Taxol in December 2000. I have stayed on the Herceptin and Aredia since the beginning of treatments. The doctor added Tamoxifen after the Taxol stopped, and that was in January 2001. My scan in July showed no tumors; only a few cysts which anyone can have. The bone mets have stayed stable, also - no sign of spread so far. I also self-medicated with herbs and vitamins.
I didn't realize you had been through so many treatments for such a long time. I do hope you hear better news at your next scan. I will be praying for you.
Love and hugs,

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