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Do you women ever feel that there is a need to have a Breast Cancer/other Cancer support night in the chat??
Is the chat just not the shittiest chat you have ever had to experience??
look forward to your comments :0 )
Listen I have been to a few other sites now because I just seem to be the type that needs to ask questions and somebody to answer then so if I have anything else I want to ask I can. Chat rooms can be immediate sources of support any time any day providing someone else is in the room to chat. That is why I pose the question whant to know what you all think?? From Some of the smartest women I know!
Always asking something?????????????????????

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I really have no experience with chat rooms. I was really nervous when I tried it the other week. However, I found that chatting with you and Belinda really helped me that evening. I wish that people were in the chat room more often. It was a positive experience.


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I'm a slow typist in the caht room but it is interesting to ask questions and get answers in "real-time". I've only joined in once and I think I came in on the middle of a conversation and I was kinda lost. As people enter we should tell them what we're talking about. I think it's worth a try to announce a time and see how many of us can lof in at that time and chat! Jamie

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Yes I agree very much with you. I like to chat when some one can answer back, I don't want to have to wait two or three days to see if anyone else feels the same way. Lets see if we can get a room going so we can all feel better. Donna Prince email address is prince_donna@hotmail.com

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I am from New zealand and every time I check in the chat room is empty. I generally go on line at night here but I have no idea what time it would be in the states. Can anyone help as I would love to chat. Love pippi

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Hi Pippi,

You're 17 hours ahead of us.

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DEar Pippi
I too am in NZ as you know. I go on line in the day here which is 18 hours ahead of Pacific coast in US. SO if you go on line in our morning you will catch US & CAnada chatters in their evening the day before. Perhaps we should all try to nominate a day/time in US pacific time so as many as possible can be in the chat room. By the way I have no problems with slowness on the site.
Love & hugs

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What a great idea, Tara ! I have no experience with other chat rooms. I am also like Pippi : being in a distant time zone, there is hardly ever anyone in the chat room when I log on. If you warned of the day and time you plan on being in the chat room (specifying Eastern or Pacific std time for instance so Pippi and me can figure out our own time difference), then it would be great !

The idea of summarising for new comers is also a great idea.

Have a great week end !
Love and big hugs,

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Hi, I also would like to chat, but don't spell so well, and am a slow typest, but would love to try. I live in south central Illinois, and get on line around 7:30pm. was great chatting with you that one and only time,can never catch anyone on.love, Flo

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I am very new here, but I think it is a great idea.

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I think it's a great idea. I have not participated in any chats but I would if we set up a specific time. I find now, 6 month after complete reconstruction, that I have lots of questions and need immediate answers. Let's do it!!!
Mel in Arkansas

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