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newbie to the group

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Joined: Mar 2002

I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and had total thyroid removal. Since the surgery i have total paralysis of the vocal cords and nerves. i cannot drink fluids, have trouble breathing, and i cannot talk. Is this norm? Also, I have now started disability leave from work, i am always out of breath, cannot speak, and seem to be very emotional. Any ideas on how to handle the emotional part of cancer? My husband seems to really need me to go back to work, not only for the financial part, but i think a part of him believes that if i get back to doing all of the normal things this will all be over.

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Joined: Mar 2002

Its your body and only you know when the time is right for you to return to work. I am in the same situation just having surgeory 2 weeks ago. This is why I am in a support groug to get the support I need. So keep your head up. Were here for you....

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