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still a survivor after 19 years

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Hi, my name is Tawnya. I am a survivor of two neuroblastomas, the first was diagnosed at birth. My second one was removed at age two. I would love to hear your stories and share mine with anyone else who would like to. Feel free to email me at tawnyasnyder@hotmail.com.

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Hi Tawnya
Welcome to the group. It is always nice to
see another childhood cancer survivor join.
Do you know any other survivors. I know and have met several ( not through this site) but distance is a factor in seeing them on a regular basis. I had hoped that when I had found this site that there would be more survivors to bee in touch with but there seems to be few extended contacts. I know that they are out there its just a matter of getting them on here.
Take care and email me anytime.

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hi i am amanda and am doin a report and would like 2 know some things. if u would like 2 answer some.
1.)How does your family cope when u had cancer and now?
2.)how did u deal with this?
3.)What kind of treatment did u have 2 go into remission?
4.)And how painful waz it?
5.)Did u ever want 2 give up hope and just say i give up?

thats what i need 2 know @ the moment and you can e-mail me @ twohot4u45@hotmail.com

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