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Anyone taking Zometa?

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Hello everyone!
I have been taking Aredia for bone mets since June of 2000 and now I have been switched over to Zometa. Has anyone had any reactions/side effects from this drug? I had really bad back pain Wednesday and Wednesday night after having the dose on Tuesday. Everything feels fine today (Thursday)- so, it made me wonder if that has happened to anyone else.
Thank you for any answers you might have. God bless you and may He give you the strength and determination you need to fight this crazy disease.
Love and prayers,

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I lock up in pain after the treatments. Every move that I make is painful for about 4 days. My husband keeps saying to me "I thought this was suppose to be helping you." It usually eases up after four days. Sometimes we feel that the pain might be a good thing. I took an experimental treatment for six months and was in extreme pain, but it reduced my tumors enough to allow for the bilateral mastectomy and pelvic surgery in November. We decided that the pain was from the treatment helping kill cancer cells. My husband hopes that this is the same case with the bones. When the doctors said that I could go back on the experimental protocal, I told them that was wonderful. My husband couldn't believe that I would go through it again. I am hoping that we can continue with other drugs until November/December before going back on the experimental protocal. However, I told him that I am ready to go back whenever they tell me it's necessary. I would rather live with the pain and other side effects than to not be here. I am rambling today . .. . .just wanted to say yes, I have been there with you.

Love, hugs and prayers,


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Dear Kat:
Thank you for the info. I felt it was probably a reaction to a new drug in my system. I heard somewhere that some drugs to cause pain at the cancer sites which means they are doing their job. Sure hope that is the case. Like you said, the pain is worth it if it is actually killing the cancer cells.
God bless you always. You are in my prayers.
Love and hugs, Brenda

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Hi Brenda it's Sylvia. I have been taking aridia for bone mets since Dec.96. I have never heard of Zometa. Is it suposed to strengthen the bone and reduce pain as Aridia does. Does it have any other benefits? I should talk to my Dr. about it. Lookingforward to your answer.
Love & Prayers Sylvia

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