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4 Daddy in Montreal

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My father 53 has recently (Feb.18th)been diagnosed with esophageal cancer (Adenocarcinoma).So far it seems to be a non-metastasis cancer and we're still waiting for the ultrasound results for any signs of affected lymph nodes. My father is presently schedule for a laparoscopy plus biopsie on monday the 11th under general anasth..if the test shows that there is no invaded lymph nodes an esophagectomy will be performed right away---I'M really concerned
the doctor said that the surgery is pretty delicate (removal of the tumor and part or all of the esophageal tube.)I did some research concerning minimally invasive surgery and a considerant faster recovery compare to open chest surgery., but unfortunatly it does'nt seem to be available in my area (Montreal, Canada)Please anyone who would have any infos concerning Minimally invasive surgery available in my area would be appreciated- My father is now facing the biggest challenge of his life and know that i have to be supportive more than ever to overcome that battle. Worries , feelings and concerns make my family's life very difficult .
We do need emotional support , encouraging stories and similar experiences of esophageal cancer survivors who overcame that disease.

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Hi. My name is Bruce and I live in Northern California. I was diagnosed with EC in June of 1998. I had an adenocarcinoma at the GI junction, stage III.

I underwent a treatment of chemo therapy combined with radiation prior to surgery. Surgery followed chemo by 2 months.

I have been told and research has proved out that chemo and radiation prior to surgery is now the perfered standard of care for EC.

I would suggest that you do more research and discuss this with your Dad's doctors. I had Stanford trained and practicing Dr.'s and was told I had the best team on the west coast. I am alive and doing well almost 4 years post diagnosis.

I was 52 when I was diagnosed.

I know the medical system in Canada is different then in the US however I would think that the methods of treatment would be similar.

I can refer you to my doctors if you want to discuss your father's treatment and compare notes.

I have been corresponding with a 62 year old lady in Canada who has just completed her chemo and radiation treatments. She is scheduled for surgery later this spring.

As for the surgery, I don't know how a minimally invasive procedure differs from the trans-hiatel esophagectomy that I had but in any case make sure that whoever performs the surgery has done many, many of them (sucessfully) before.

As for emotional support know that you are not alone and all you have to do is reach out. If you want I can have your Dad's name placed on several prayer lists.

You can reach me via email at "triebold@telocity.com" if you wish. I will talk with your father if he wants, also.

Good luck, be positive, and ask a lot of questions.

Regards, Bruce

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Hello Bruce!
Thanks a lot for this encouraging information,that people could survive from this.
You brought tears in my eyes because i'm encouraged by your ec recovery.
I have two questions to ask you
-How much time did it take to recover post surgery?
Did you have to follow a special diet after the surgery and were you able to eat normally afterwards?

Thank you so much again.

Peter -(Chantal's father)

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Hi Chantal-
I am a 48 year old cancer survivor. I was intially diagnosed in July of 01 with an adenocarcinoma esophageal tumor. I elected to have surgery first as I wanted the "*******" out of me NOW. I don't know if your father has had surgery yet but I pray if so that all went well. My surgeon did not crack my ribcage but rather I have two incisions. One on the left side of my neck and the other runs from my sternum to just below my navel. I understand cracking the ribcage results in a much more painful and longer recovery. It has been approximately nine months since surgery. All current tests (CT, Bone Scan, endoscope, Small bowel barium x-rays, etc.) indicate that I am tumor free and my blood screens are all negative for cancer!
After surgery I had five rounds of chemo and a 25 day course of radiation.
Although he had a different type of cancer I found Lance Armstrong's most current book about his battle with cancer to be very inspirational and informative.
If you have other questions or would just like to correspond more let me know.
Best wishes to you, your family and your father.

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