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Thanks from Worried

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I thank everyone for the replies to my message. It was exactly what I wanted to hear. My doctor ordered a pelvic sonogram which I did this morning ... the tech came back after "checking pictures" and did a vaginal sonogram ... she said to get clear pictures and because of my history. Of course that freaked me out ... why? Everything freaks me out. So ... I wait to hear from my doctor. Thanks again for the information and sharing. Love to you all. Jamie

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Just wanted to reassure you that the body is sent into many a tail spin after having chemo and radiation. Sounds like you have been having a hard time and that is too be expected. All I ever really hear is the doctor arranging one test or another. It seems she always tacs on that it is something to be concerned about. I think the best thing we can do is stay on top of the pain and don't become complacent about any of it. That is truly how we will ensure ourselves of our health probably the most normal thing about this disease. Everyone has to listen to their bodies to stay healthy we are no different. One has to be able to look themselves in the face and truly see what is there. Thanks for posting I have been through the very same thing a year and a half ago 4 years after diagnosis with stage 3 with plenty of lymphnode involvement. I fight ever step of the way finding quality for my life. Amazing how life truly can be.
Be good to yourself,

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Hi Jamie:

I am so sorry that the technician started with the pelvic ultrasound and not the vaginal. It is so very scary when they come back to do another test. My doctor started with the vaginal insert ultrasound simply because it is a better and clearer test. Doctors have no idea how difficulty the TESTING and Testing and Waiting and Waiting is. I pray that your doctor calls you quickly and that you receive GOOD NEWS!

Love, hugs and prayers,


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