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What Are the Symptoms

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I am experiencing some strange cramping and bloating that have me worried. How is Ovarian Cancer diagnosed? What makes the Doctors look for it?

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The best way for diagnosis is a ultra sound of the ovaries. they may also do a CA125 which is a blood test. Have your drs. do these because they often think it has to do with the gut and wait longer than they have to. I Hope this hepls Cindy

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Thought I would try to answer some of your question regarding symptoms and diagnosis of OVCA. First you need to see a your gyn or preferably a oncological gyn. surgeon. Initially the doctor will take your history, and yes as a brest cancer survivor you do have a higher risk of ovarian cancer. Secondly the doc will do a physical, checking you during a pelvic exam. He will be feeling for growths or irregularies. If the doctor is concerned they will order a CA-125 (cancer marker test). The CA-125 should be below 35. The ovarian cancer is often quite high. Also a CT of the abdomine and possibly the chest. The early physical symptoms of OVCA is:
1. Indigestion
2. Constipation
3. Irregular menses or abnormal bleeding

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I know for myself the cramping and stomach growing, and a large amount of pain in the stomach area were my symptoms.

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Mine was tenderness around the abdomen. You should request/demand a CA-125 blood test. If the test comes back elevated they could do further testing like ultrasounds to verify. I hope the very best for you! Sue

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Hi, I havent been diagnosed with cancer, nor had any test yet, that's the next step (got an appt tomarrow morning :)), but i know my mother's side has a large history of cancer.

I've got a persistent pain that's on my right abdomen, below my ribcage - it's a stabbing pain that's tender to the touch. I at first thought i pulled a rib ligament, but it's been almost 3 weeks that i've had this pain, and it hasn't gotten better. I have very irregular menstral cycles (which i remedy with birthcontrols) but i can go up to 7 months without a period. I get very frequent bladder infections (which could indicate it might be a kidney stone?). I've had a dull ache in the right abdomen for a long time now, and now it's stabbing in character. Does this sound familiar to anyone? I'm hoping to god it's not cancer; all my OBGYN visits haven't even uncovered the possibility, but could they be wrong?

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