Radiation for advanced prostate cancer

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My Dad is undergoing radiation at this time. Does anyone have experience with this? Also, is anyone familiar with the work of Patrick Walsh, who seems to be quite an expert. Would like to connect with anyone who could discuss this. Thanks


  • jackb
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    This is from Jackb's wife, Jean. We are familiar with Dr. Patrick Walsh. He heads the urology clinic at Johns Hopkins University Hospital in Baltimore, MD. He is the doctor who developed the nerve-sparing radical prostatectomy, which reduces incontinence and impotence following rp. My husband had an rp in October 2000 at Hopkins. His surgeon was Alan Partin (who developed the Partin tables, which give statistical probabilities for recurrence given several factors). The entire urology staff at Hopkins follows Dr. Walsh's methodology. My husband didn't go to Walsh because Walsh doesn't take any insurance (he doesn't have to; all the rich and famous people go to him!). He has written several books. The most recent, Dr. Patrick Walsh's Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer, is really a good book. I read it after Jack's surgery. It is very clearly written and informative, no matter what type of treatment a man is undergoing.
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    Yes I have had radiation after radical surgery. I am cancer free at this time my PSA is -0.1. I,m 63 and work ever day at a refinery. Please contact me if you have other questions. Roger Kesterson [email protected]