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Moving On

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Dear all
I have found it so hard to move on past the death of Rosa this past week. I was truly so scared as I am stage 4 mets too & for a while I thought that her end inevitably was to be mine as well. Now I realise she would not want that for any of us & her death is the end of a long well fought fight & what she has left us is a legacy of courage. So I have let go the fear & remembered her message & now I feel I can move on with my life & keep fighting & what comes comes. SO I will never forget her but remember only the positive as the negative is so destructive for us all. Let's kick some cancer butt ladies.

Love & hugs. Pam

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Hi Pam,

So glad to see a message from you! I want to take a few of your words and give a few short comments:

>>her end inevitably was to be mine as well.

Actually her end will EVENTUALLY be ours given that none of us will get out of this world alive - where or when we do not know and will never know.

The best doctor I ever had in Cleveland (when his patients thanked him for getting them through heart attacks, strokes, etc.) always said, "When it's your time to go, you'll go."

Friendship, kindness, and support are what makes life sweet and hardships bearable. Each day should be precious to each of us.

Keep in touch and stay well!
Love, Jean

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You know, Pam, I believe I can just hear Tiger up there lookind down upon you and saying "atta girl Pam" "you go kick some cancer arse"! This is definitely the way we all need to feel, and we will never forget her. Love, Lucy

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No prob Pam...I hear yu got New Zealand covered. So I'll kick butt in Western Canada....who else? Susan

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I'll kick butt in Switzerland ! And heck, France is where I am from, so I'll kick butt in France as well...

Take care, Fighting Ladies !

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May you feel the LORDS presence in all that you are, and wherever you are.

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You know we are all here for you, and I will pray for God to give you a peace that only he can give us. Take care and your right we need to kick some cancer butt!
God Bless

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For those of you in the US, the American Cancer Society urges you to get politically involved in this war on cancer. They are looking for advocates willing to contact their legislative representatives to promote cancer fighting issues. If we could all urge our congressiongal leaders to fund more research projects, we can win this battle. In fact on this website there is a location that allows you to see what issues are being voted on in your state. Take action, and make a difference. Godd bless you all. Margaret

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i dont know you well or tiger but she did write me back a few times on some of my post i came in here in june i was 6 yrs bc free but never talk about it to people who went through the same thing as me till i came to csn and tiger was a fighter and i for one will keep what she fought for a live and i'm not going to let my mouth be shut no more we all going to fight it and one day we will win and kick that cancer behind so hard that it will die and we can than put our thumbs up to heaven to all our sisters who has gone from us and suffer and died of this disease and we will all clap our hands for them because that fight is for the ones who died of it but for the ones that are suffering as well we all are sisters girl and my love and prayers are to you ,and i live in texas so i will get it going in texas i got texas taken care of on kicking some cancer butt ,thumbs up girl this is for your friend tiger and she is so proud of you pam so keep it up and yes she looking down at you saying alright pam keep it up so pam to me you tiger the roar you have to take up in your friends shoes for her and i believe she smiling down on you saying pam put my shoes on and kick the cancer and take that roar up\cheryl

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I've been kicking some "cancer butt" in New Hampshire! I feel better talking and reading what you girls have to say. I'm 8 mos. cancer free so far, Stage 3.

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Atta girl, Pam!!! And show no mercy. In this war, there are no rules!

Love, light and laughter,

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Dear Pam
If there is only one chance in a million that a person can survive breast cancer stage 4 mets IS THERE ANY REASON WHY IT CAN'T BE YOU
Thinking of you
Love Pippi

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