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Some HAPPY news

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I wanted to pass along the information I got from my Doctor in Boston regarding my MRI I had posted about about 2 weeks ago. He told me that the areas that were seen are residual. He explained yes there "alive" and have broken off the remaining tumor left against my brain stem. The good news is there not growing. They just seem to have (chipped off) the original he explained it probably due to the radiation. So heck ill take what i can get =). He said just leave them alone and we will keep them monitored.
Im so happy i could cry...
Thank you all so much for your responses and your support and prayers.

Love to all of you

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I am so VERY Happy that you heard from your doctor in Boston. The waiting and waiting is the worst part for me. Please let us know how things continue to go. I really enjoyed chatting with you the other day.

Love, prayers and hugs,


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What great news that is. When I read your original post about it I just had this "feeling" that it wasn't going to be bad. So thank you for letting us know. Take care. Jamie

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Hi Belinda,

Not only did you write a beautiful message commemorating our Rosa, but you are such a strong example of courage yourself.

Hoping your condition stays as it is for a long, long time - and thanks for the update.

Wishing you some happy days again - think it must be almost Spring where you are?

Love, Jean

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So glad to hear your good news.God is still answering our prayers AMEN!!Keep us posted and I will keep you in my prayers.
God Bless

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I am so happy, Belinda ! What fantastic news ! I am sending you tons of love, barrels of prayers and... mountains of hugs !


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