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Who got curls?

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When my hair came back after chemo, it was curly!! With great trepidation, I went to the hairdresser yesterday to have it cut, fearful that I would lost my curls, but it seems that I have not! Did this happen to others? and how long did the curls stay? I ordered curly hair that was a bit darker, but didnt get the darker part! but I have very thin hair so it is now the nicest it has ever been and I don't want to lose the curls if I can help it!! Susan

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I did after 1st chemo cycles finshed. Then I had to have Taxotere & lost the lot again. Let's wait & see what I get this time around as I still have 2 more cycles to go. Hope so as it was nice. I've always had thick managable hair though so I guesss I'll be OK either way. Fun isn't it this guessing game. Love

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Hey Sue

I made a deal with God. If he was going to teach me this lesson, the least he could do was give me red curly hair. Well, I didn't get the red, but I sure got the curly. So curly that my friends and coworkers have taken to calling me "CHIA" as in Chia pet. haha They look like baby curls though, so I will probably lose them after I have it cut a few times.

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I thought I was the only one they called CHIA. I also got a head full of curls. My friend, who has gone through this also, got curls, but after about six months, her natural hair style returned. I am hoping mine stays! It's like a new me...which affirms this stage of life...a new me, cancer free! God bless you.
Love, Jayne

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I'm starting chemo tomorrow, hope I get curls, something to look forward to anyway.
he he he love and prayers, Grandma

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Hi Sue,
My hair came back curly and gray,I asked for dark like it was, oh well at least I got it back. The curls left after a couple of trims but I have more body in it than ever,so that is a plus.
God Bless

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well i tell you what i had natural curly hair all my life when i had chemo and my hair came back straight i like to had a fit because i always had curly hair it just wasnt me w/ straight hair my chemo nurse told me sometimes it appens your hair could come back straight being that you had curly or visa verse and if dry hair come back oily mine stayed straight like 6months or so and thast when i decide to keep my hair short because it stays curly that way my hair not as curly as it always was but i do have my curls back so maybe your straight will come back to the longer your hair is though the straighter it will be a lot beauticians told me that i always were long hair but now i'm short because i got to have my curls its just not me wirh straight hair good luck i believe it will come back straight or you still on tamoxifen or chemo,if you still on tamoxifen sometimes your hair will stay a little thin. now on thin hair this is true go get you aloe vera plant pinch a little bit off plant each day and put on your head every night and your hair will grow back faster plus get thicker my cousin hair was so thin you could see her scalp she like almost bald and she didnt have no cancer she started putting that aloe vera on head her hair getting thick my mom sold aloe vera well when she got cancer in 1983 and lost her hair she said i'm going to try she only did a patch on her hair well when her hair started growing back it was thick in that one spot well that one spot came back hair first before anything else, when she died in 1985 she had like a twiggy cut hair and that one spot was thicker than any other so then when i got cancer and lost my hair i put aloevera on abd it came back faster i'm not saying it weill work on you but everybody i know it has your hair should get thicker ,i ask your dr first before trying it ok

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I had very thick, very straight hair all my life. My hair came back darker, drier and much thinner. The hair on the rest of my body came back much thinner also. I'm enjoying the curls and hope they remain. 2 of my friend's hair grew back curly and pure white. Anybody's come back white?

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Dear Susan, Mine came back very curly, almost kinky. My haidresser said it would last about a year, but another cancer survivor I know finished her chemo 2 years ago and her hair is still curly and pretty. My hair was always thin, and still is on the sides, but curly in back and on top. People tell me it looks nice, I hope they are not just being kind! Good luck, Sandy

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I sure got curls!! I'm a three year survivor and I still have them!! You're lucky, mine acually came back thicker, and kind of frizzy. I hate it!! I'm not sure but I've heard that it takes 5 years to get your old hair back. In my case, I hope so!!

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