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To all of you here, we will not let tiger roar stop we going to finish what tiger started thats what tiger lived for thats why she tried so hard to fight it and i myself who is a breast cancer survivor will not let what tiger fought so hard to do and end breast cancer ihave meant a lot of you here at csn cindy tara isaih tiger and brenda so many and there were you here who was fighting the disease which i already had it and was over but you all here gave me support i never had the support until i came here this was the first place i join when i got computer less than a yr ago so i didnt have that suport in 1995 what i mean talking to others who gone through breast cancer and when i came in here read articles that you all wrote i say heh that happen to me i finally feel better because you all knew what i went through ,i talk to tiger a few times and she was a great fighter and she said she would beat it and cindy i met here and me and cindy has become great friends and i say this cindyand the others here has change my life so much that i have something to do in my life and thats to kick breast cancer out of our bodies .tiger is gone from all of us now but she was our sister in breast cancer ,tiger has got her wings and flown to paradise and she is in no more pain but lets keep her memory alive on what she wanted to do and thast kick breast cancer lets keep the roar that tiger started and dont let that tiger roar died she had to died but lets keep her work going for what she was working for and she left us but we keep tiger roar we can maybe save another girl or woman man life through what tiger was trying to do good bye tiger for now but we will keep what you were fighting for alive and thats what we need to do help others whoi is going this disease and help them through it thats what tiger i believe would want everybody here do i know you all knew her better than me i talk just a few times with her but i would read her post and she was a fighter so ladies look at tiger as a wind chime you hear hat chime that tiger saying thanks ladies for keeping my roar going dont let what she fought for die with her lets keep this alive
love cheryl

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You said it well, Cheryl. We must all follow Rosa's example. Don't ever give up because of a heart breaking diagnosis - so much new research coming out with positive results. My oncologist told me that a few years ago, he had become so disheartened that he almost changed his specialty, but now with all the new discoveries he is really excited because he is saving more and more patients with quality life and much longer lives. For the first time doctors are foreseeing a real cure, and not just longer remissions. Let us all continue to pray for a real 'cure' so someday real soon, young women like Rosa will not loose this fight, but live a long and fruitful life time. If God is willing - may His will be done.
Hugs to all, Brenda

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how true you said it brenda ,when i develope it i said oh man i'm gone but i lived i went early and it was caught early i had to go through all the chemo and the works well on march 15 i will hit my 7 yrs this summer my brother develope cancer of throat he got it early our parentsd died in the 80's and they both died but me and my brother we are the new generation annd they got it in time and we fought it and won and sice i had bc research has grown so fast ,to win this battle we the survivors need to get out off of it and spoeak for ourself go to everybody who will listen get every month send notes to all go have your mammogram there is a few of my friends we dont wait till october for bc month i send every month on the first to woman including our young woman to go have your mammogram all here knows whats to expect but the ones who hasnt been through it lets help them get them to go have that mammogram make a day a month to remeber to send out to these people and tell them go on your birthday because that is a day of the yr you rember to have a mammogram and always do your monthly exam in case there is some new comers here whi never heard my story i went in for a boil on my right breast well i didnt find nothing or the dr but the mammogram did and it was my left breast so thats what i mean lets keep this campaign this walk this talk this fight this tiger roar on and never shut up lets do this for her and the other one who has lost their life to this disease and show that old devil he is fixing to be whip by us we are all going to stand in that circle with jesus and kick satan bc out for good
love you all

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You are so right about breast self exams and mammograms. I really worry about women who are my age (younger than the 40-50)baseline mammogram age. I wish that self exams were pushed more for them. I was 17 when I accidentally found my first lump. My father had just died from colon cancer and my mother had just discovered breast cancer. I just bumped into it as I dressed. And yet, after my first surgery (lumpectomy) no doctor set up a plan for me. (Regular mammograms, ultrasound, or anything else) I am convinced that a simple plan set up for me at 17 would have prevented the seriousness of my situation today. However, through it all I have always found the lumps first before the doctors through self exams. Rarely due to the density of my former breasts did the lump show on a mammogram. Microcalcifications did show on the mammogram. I am not in anyway suggesting they shouldn't be used. I support the use of mammograms. However, the lumps did show up on ultrasound. So PLEASE, PLEASE, encourage all of your friends that if she thinks that she feels something that isn't right to see her doctor and have a mammogram. And if the mammogram doesn't show anything, and even if her doctor doesn't feel the problem area but she feels it , PLEASE ASK for an ultrasound.


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