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Bubble Bladder??

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Hi, I have recently went in to remove a small tumor in my bladder. This was also done in 1998. I have like a bubble on my bladder that (all) the tumors occur in. Now the Dr.s want to do major surgery to remove this bubble. any info would be helpful from someone who has had (part) of their bladder removed...

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Had my bladder removed and neo-bladder made. Tookout prostrate also doing great had this done Nov 25 last year. 100% of cancer gone after surgery.

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My brother is to have his bladder removed and reconsturcted on the 16th of this month. He is in stage 2 with the cancer. They would like to reconstruct the bladder, attach it to the urethra and he will be able to void through the penis, but he will have to sit to void. Is this the same as your bubble? What comments would you have for him. This is very very scary for our family. Me brother is 55 years of age and has never had any problems before this. The tumor was attached pretty deep into the muscel of the bladder wall.

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