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Secondline chemo for Small Cell Lung Cancer

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My name is Mark. I was dx'd with Extensive Small Cell Lung Cancer mets to lymph nodes & liver on 2/2/01. I went through chemo, Etopiside & Carboplatin, until the end of May 01. In June, Dr. told me I was in remission!! So I decided to go through a PCI procedure. I received 30 radiation treatments to the brain. That took me through July 01. I was just starting to regain some strength, when Dec. came. I just knew that the cancer had returned!! CT scan confirmed my suspisions! Turmors in right lung! Started Topotecan 12/10/01 & still getting it. I get Mon.- Fri., then 2 weeks off. I just completed the 4th cycle, 2 more to go!! It is getting harder to talk myself into going because this drug is kicking my ***!!!! Dr. isn't even saying that this chemo will get the cancer in remission again!! All she is trying to do is improve "quality of life" Has anyone had any sucess with Topotecan as a secondline chemo? Pleasr tell me your experiences with it. Thanks Mark from Wi.

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Mark -

I'm sorry to read about your recurrence. While I haven't had a recurrence of my SCLC I did have a basal cell carcinoma that really irritate the p*** out of me.

At the young age of 44 I was diagnosed with small cewll lung cancer on Septembe 9, 1987. I was fortunate not to have a metastisis. While I didn't have the same chemo my treatments are what my ACS Dialogue group refers to as "pre-Zofran" meaning I got REALLY sick as I was driven to death's door to make the chemo work. My last treatment was simultaneous chemo and radiation to the brain. It put me into a state of depression. If it weren't for 2 ACS suppoort groups, I Can Cope and Dialogue I don't know how I could have handled it. I now work with the ACS as a volunteer with a Dialogue Group and the local Cancer
Survivors Network.

Mark, you and your family (and/or friends) may find it helpful to make contact with a cancer support group. It doesn't have to be a lung cancer group, but just a cancer group that will help you through this stage of you life.

I wish I could do and say more. My best to you and I will pray for your recovery.

Phil Tycz
Plano, Texas

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I'm new to this chat room. Am I replying to Phil in Plano? My husband has been diagnosed with SCLC, extensive stage. He is undergoing chemo & radiaiton. I am thrilled that you're a SCLC survivor since '87. You mention you had limited stage. Do you know of any survivors who were in the extensive stage.
Ann & Joe

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I pray that Joe is still with us. Did he make it?

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Phil -

I'm responding to a post you made 7 years ago!

My name is Steve, I have ext sclc and I live in Plano.

I pray that some of the people from this thread are still with us!

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congrats! My husband has this nasty stuff and we are believers too. I have prayer chains banging down heavens gates to get him cancer free.

God Love Yeah!

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Hi Mark:
I was diagnosed Nov. 2000 with small cell lung cancer, I did the cisplat, v16 and radiation, and the pci, well they told me I was incurrable so I kept on going with more treatment which was the topotecan, as a cure, I dont know, I know that it is the 'normal' second sourse of chemo,this one will pass the brain barrier, actually I thought topotecan was not as bad, none is good, you may be run down no doubt, I found I had to replace every element in my body, make sure you get minerals and vitamins, especially calcium and magnesium, my bones hurt like hell until I taking care of myself. I was what they called 'cured' for 6 months now they are doing a needle biopsy this morning on another they found in my lung, I dont want to give you the bad news but when they give you a second line of chemo like that, it slims your chances for any clinical trials. I do know that you are in charge, you can choose to beat this, good luck my friend I will invision you strong and healthy, god did not make us a holey ship to travel in, we are not a body.

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Are you there? Still surviving?

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Hey Mark. I too have Small Cell Carcinoma. So far they think it's limited but they are not sure. I just began my treatments. I get one round chemo(one round = 3days, 3 hours a day cisplatin,etoposide,granisetron.) It started in my left lung as well. I have not used Topotecan. I am undergoing three weeks of radiation.Twice a day. I heard that reoccuring cancers are more likely to go in remission again. I wish I could be more help. I know you're scared. I'm 27 and was just recently diagnosed. Please keep me informed of what's going on with you. I'm scared too. You are in my prayers.

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Please respond to tell me that you're still alive!

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You still hanging in there pal?

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Hi Mark - I've had the same as you. I'm Stage IV Small CEll Lung Cancer Mets to the brain only tumors in my left lung. I went into remission too after Etopiside & Carbo plus radiation to whole brain. All tumors reappeared in my Dec. scan plus more. Started Topotecan 6 rounds received scans in Feb. My tumors have grown. Topotecan isn't working. I stopped the treatment. I'm not going to have this poison in me if it isn't going to work. Right now I get the gamma knife to my mets in my brain and I'm undergoing targeted raidiation to the tumors in my lungs. Waiting to go into clinical trials next month. I spoke to one of my doctors last night about Tarceva because I was worried about not receiving any chemo for a month and he feels that isn't even an option for me. But don't give up there is way more out there keep looking and don't give up.

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