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The Tiger Roars No More

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To everyone who knew & loved our Rosa
She passed on yesterday (Canadian time) at 3.40 pm. The funeral is to be 22/2. Dave is devasted as is Robbie who at 10 knows what has happened. Jamie at 4 does not realise his mother won't be back. Let's not forget her message of strength & courage to us all & don't let her down. She fought for a reason & that reason is still there so in her immortal words

Love & hugs to you all


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Dear Pam,

Tiger's trip into Heaven to straighten them out is leaving quite a hole down here on Earth. So I suggest we all pull together and follow your words : Let's kick some cancer arse ! We are strong, because Rosa made us strong. We WILL have faith in our recoveries, because she is now kicking some lazy butts upstairs while we're fighting on this ground level. Oh boy, do I hear her ! And I know, deep down, she is looking over my shoulder as I am typing; she is handing me a box of tissues at the same time she is telling me to stop it ! Ok, OK, Rosa, you're the boss and I won't cry. Instead I will remember the jokes you sent us, and I will smile. We are sisters. Although we never physically met, you have become a part of me. And I will try my best and make you proud of me !

Pam, I am sending you all my love, and big, big hugs. I love you ! Although miles away, I am with you, sweet heart.

Take good care of yourself, and don't forget to rely on us when you want to let some steam out. Here is my personal e-mail, as I don't get on CSN daily : cat.atherton@bluewin.ch.

Love and hugs,

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to all of you here i havent been in a lot here lately been real sick with lungs but i talk some to tiger which i just got my compter in june but i come to know some of you and i will say rosa(tiger) she was our sister when you have bc we all become sisters in this disease and this makes me want to fight harder to kill this disease we woman need to stand up and fight and kill it instead it killing us and tiger she watching us now and she in no more pain but she will take care of us all down here that makes us want to fight this more well the numbers will get less and less on friends that we bury of bc lets kick it out lets us kill it come on all of us lets stand together and kick ir right out of our bodies i love you guys and i;m praying for you all i'm 7 yrs bc free and my mouth wont shut up because i wont stop until i get the word across in oct i'm going to arizona and i will walk for tiger my friend nola my cousins diane and my aunt marjorie and all the others who has left us lets fight for our sisters who has pass i love you all anybody needs a lift call on me i give my love to rosa family and to you pam my love and prayers are sent your way good bye our friend tiger and you will be our tiger,you have got your wings now tiger and you have flown from here to meet your heavenly father and he is holding you and welcoming you back home

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I was so sad to hear the news about Rosa. Can she ever know what an impact she had on so many lives here? I only hope she can. What an inspiration she was. She had sent a Christmas card with thier family picture in it. I have had it up on my desk here where I see it every day. She looked so happy & healthy. I know she has been through so much and I am glad that she does not have to suffer any more. What a void we will all have in our lives without her.

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Dear Pam,
So sad to hear about Rosa,I didn't know her very well as I only found this site in Oct.but I can say for sure that she touched manys peoples lives . We are all in this fight together and let us do as she said kick cancer in the butt.Her family as well as you will be in my thoughts and prayers.
God Bless

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I hardly know what to say. One thing about getting to know someone on the net is that we are not influenced by how the person looks, by how they move, by how they smile, by how they frown....we truly get to know the spirit of the person, the essence of the person....What a good spirit Rosa had. My life has been diminished by her passing....Susan

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You said it best!


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My husband and I were devastated with the news of Rosa's death. It is amazing how much she helped us in such a short period of time. I have shed tears as though I knew her for life. She had the most incredible attitude and strength. We really must all come together and fight even harder. She wouldn't accept anything less. Please remember that you are also an inspiration. You have an incredible strengh.

Prayers, love and hugs to Dave, Robbie, Jamie, and to you and your family. And yes we will "Kick Some Cancer Arse!!

Laura (Kat)

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Dear Tiger,
We will miss your roar and your wonderful words of encouragement for you knew all too well, from your experiences. Your roar will never truly be gone for it will continue to be heard in all those you have touched near and far. We look forward to feeling your angel about us spreading your wings and truly flying, free.
Love always,

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Pam - appreciate you for all you do for us. As I sit here crying I look forward to the time we will meet Rosa in the next life. Debw

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Pam - Thank you for relaying the message to us about Tiger's entrance into heaven. She surely be missed by all of us because she was quite a fighter. But now we realize that God needed another angel up there, and that is where she is looking down on all of us. It is almost like we can feel her around us now. My love goes to you Pam also, because you are also a fighter and will be beat this disease. God Bless You,

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