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Dry Mouth Issues

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In another discussion thread - the topic of salagen came up. I am curious to hear from others who have taken or are taking this or other drugs. I found it made a huge difference in my being able to sleep for a few hours at a time without waking up to drink water. I just started on a new drug Evoxac whicb to this point doesn't seem as effective but I just started taking it.
My other side effect is that a lot of things make my mouth burn. I used to love spicy food but know even a regular amount of salt and pepper can make my mouth burn as though I swallowed tabasco sauce. I can't use fruit juices, dressings, jams, tartar sauce - due to the pickle relish, etc. Even toothpaste can sting. Has anyone else experienced this after radiation? Does it ever improve?

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I finished my radiation in November of 1999 and was taking Salagen. About 6 months ago I started having a lot of stomach pain, so I stopped taking the Salagen and the pain went away. I too had the sensitive mouth and throat but now most of that is gone. I still have to be careful with things like salsa and peppers. Hopefuly yours will improve also.


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I started the Salagen about six weeks after radiation ended and have been using for almost three months. The improvement was almost immediate. My mouth is very dry in the morning, but much better than before.

Eating is not as much of a chore, but I do need to use water to help. Spicy food is still too much to handle, but improving - I can handle mild chicken wings now, but not hot like before. Salad dressing also bothers me quite a bit, but I can handle things like salt & pepper if used in moderation.

I have not experienced any stomach problems

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I am in my 5th week of radiation and just had my 2nd chemo oh ya I have head and neck cancer squamous cell with unknown primary, and was wondering the same thing.

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