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Help !! Hair question?????

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Hello, was just wondering if anyone had their hair come back salt and pepper looking after chemo? My hair is 3/4 of a inch and I want to stop wearing my hats..but the gray is too much!!! I tried to color it but it didnt' work..any ideas ???????

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>>any ideas ???????

Yes ! thank God your hair is coming back in.

Yes, mine is salt and pepper tho it used to be a silvery color. I don't like it but it beats being bald or having a recurrence.

Hope I did not hurt your feelings!


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Hi there Karbear,

My hair did exactly the same as yours.. I know that is just unacceptable to women in there 30s like us lol. With time mine did start to get darker but was never like it was before but still not almost white like it was at the beginning. I waited a year and then put on a temp color to see if it would bother my scalp since I had brain surgury and it worked just fine. And yes I do now color my hair ever few months. Im just not quite ready to be grey yet!!! Good luck to you hun.


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Mine came in with a lot of grey. I tryed a very mild hair color (lasts for 24 washings) and it didn't take. A couple weeks later I tried the permanent color and it did take ... but everyone suggests you wait a year before coloring or perming. I don't think it effected my hair or scalp any. Good luck!! Jamie

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Hi Karbear,
Well my hair came back snow white in the front and salt and pepper in the back. I decided to leave it.It took sometime for me to get used to it, but my hairdresser said that she would have to use a few different colors in order to get it all the same color and it grows out so fast and it gets expensive every four or five weeks so I guess I will keep it.I look at as it at least I got it back.
God Bless Debbie

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