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Blood test question

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I just got the results from my weekly CBC. All my results are at the low end of normal and I'm worried. The last time I had blood drawn after chemo all the results were below normal (but not to low) and that made the doctor happy. He said it showed them the chemo was working. When I asked him about it this time he said not to worry. I realize I'm overly concerned but has anyone else had this experience?


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Hi hege it is the result of the chemo that the good fighting cells get trashed too. There are many things they do now if you start having problems. The best advice I can give is to stay on top of your physical being. Stay well hydrated try and eat something for energy drink it if you must. Also be aware if you suddenly get any red rash like spots that seem to spread with time with a fever then you must get attention right away. I hope that your doctor has at least shared this with you. Ok to be low as long as you don't have other things goin on. Hang in there we all know how you must be feeling. Let us know how you are doing.
Be good to yourself always,

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Hi Hege..if you are going to worry make sure you are worrying about something worth worrying about!! I found the key for me was to become very knowledgeable...when I got copies of the blood test results I would get on the net and research to find out what each result meant. And I also asked the doctors to tell me exactly what was going on. The doctor who told you the results showed the chemo was doing its job was patronising you with a simple answer because he has no idea whether the chemo is actually killing the cancerous cells, only that the chemo is affecting the normal cells and therefore is PROBABLY affecting the cancer cells. From what you say about your results they sound like nothing at all to worry about, but press your doctor, ask lots of questions, make him or her go thru every result with you...once you do that a couple of times the docs will treat you with much greater respect and stop giving you patronising answers. INSIST! It is your life! Love Susan

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I took chemo every 21 days with blood tests every 7. The first week after the chemo they were very low and as I built up to my next chemo treatment they got better. Low blood count is a side effect ... I read if you do not have the side effects it does not mean it isn't working. I say if your doctor says don't worry ... don't worry ... easier said than done right? Good Luck! Jamie

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I never had chemo, just radiation, but my blood tests were always just a little below normal too. My oncologist said the same thing, don't worry, unless they get real low. Guess what, she was right. It took awhile for my body to recover completely, but now 3 years out some of my readings are above normal! Just take care of yourself. You will bounce back before you know it.

God Bless,

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