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Bad hair comments

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Thanks to everyone for your input and boost to my self-esteem. I'll keep your suggestions on hand. I thought I might share with you a comeback I had out of the "blue" one day...I was grocery shopping and this old man blurted out my favorite phrase, "nice haircut." I looked at him straight in the eyes and said "It's not a haircut, it's the result of chemotherapy." Boy did I enjoy the embarassing look on his face. The next comment he made was, "I really think it looks nice on you!" So thanks to your help, I found a way to turn the table.

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Jill...what's really fun is when your hair starts coming back in and then people are even more amazed!! They exclaim with delight each time they see you and how much it has grown, and, if you get curls like I did, they exclaim even more!! It was then that I realised how much everyone cared about me and how pleased they were, for me, that my hair was growing back..Love Susan

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I wore a wig to work when I lost my hair from December 2000 through July 2001. During that time I would get compliments about how nice my hair looked ... sometimes I'd tell them it was a wig ... usually I didn't. When I took my wig off the people that didn't know I was wearing a wig said things like "Oh ... you changed your hair" and "You permed your hair" .... never your hair looks good. I thought it very amusing. Now my hair is curly and messy and it blends in with the crowds of hairy people ... and when someone complains about their hair ... I tell them they should be thankful they have hair (if they want it). I've said this before ... no hair saves a lot of time and money. Between hair products, cuts, and highlights I probably saved $800. But ... alais bald women still put people off. Hang in there. Jamie

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