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Not everything is cancer!

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Hello everybody...just dropping in to update you on my health...I am great!! 16 months now since initial diagnosis of lobular breast cancer with lymph node involvement. Hae survived two surgeries, chemo and radiation, and have been fighting fit again since about September 2001. A pap test showed some abnormal cells but further biopsies have showed no cancer. With the various aches and pains of life I keep reminding myself that just because I have breast cancer doesn't mean to say I won't also get arthritis, or colitis, or bronchitis or any of the other non-life threatening ailments! My daughter, many moons ago, was diagnosed with MS and at first we suspected every little ailment was associated, when, of course, it wasn't. I just have to get through that phase now. Oh, and 13 years later it was declared she did not have MS after all!
I read of your fears Wendy, and know nothing is worse than the waiting, and I read of your strength Tiger and Pamtriggs and know you have courage beyond mine. I wish everyone the best and will drop by again soon. Love Susan Oh and PS I quit smoking after 38 years...with the help of a site called Quitnet.com if anyone else is interested.

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Welcome back Sue! I've been thinking about you alot lately. I was wondering how you were doing! You sound great! Congratulations on quiting smoking! It's terrific you were able to do it with all the stress we all feel. Keep up the good work. Keep in touch! So many of the woman who were on this site about 11/2 years ago dropped out but have popped in to say Hi! It's great to hear from you. HUGS!! Cathy

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Dear Sue,
Congradulations on recent success in quiting smoking. I know all to well how hard that can be. I managed to quit my addiction after successfully completeing my treatments. I hope you too feel as good as I do about finally letting go that one.
Your right about not everything being cancer but some of us are still wondering when we too can feel fit as a fiddle.
Glad to hear you're doing so weel thanks for keeping us up to date, nice to hear from you. I hope your sharing that site with others will help someone else along the way.
Take good care,

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Thank you for your encouraging words. I really needed them. God bless you and keep you in His loving hands.
Love, Jayne

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Sue, tell me about how it was after sugrey. Mind
is still giving me trouble, I think. They say it`s
an infection, but none of the 6 or so medicine as helped. My breast stays swellon and under my arm too. It is red if I`m not on medicine. can you enlight me any?

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