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quick update

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Heartfelt thanks from us to all of you for your warm birthday wishes, I am going to show these pill pushers that there are some people they just cant screw around with!!Dave is hot on the trail of a cancer treatment that was being looked at as a cure many many years ago, then suddenly disappeared, he is researching it, and we will talk to my onco about it and see what he has to say, if he is ah poo poo yucky on it, then we will know it is something goo!!
I will get the website from Dave and post it for you all, but he is outside frigging around with the satellite dishes right now, and it is time to put James to bed.
Ps, We will find out for sure next week some exact information , but we know for sure that we are moving back east by the End of March, wow!! only two months and I will be back in that wonderful salt air again!! I am so excited!! Have not told parents yet, want more info, you know, housing, etc.
I will try to get back on tomorro night if I am coherent, If not, I will ask Dave to get on and give you the website.

My love to you all


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You are such an inspiration to me and I know to many women on this site. Please let us know about what you find out in your research. Anything that looks promising is better than nothing. Have faith and know we are praying for you.

God Bless,

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HI Tiger - So glad to hear that you are fighting this cancer battle with all you got.
I have always looked up to you, and you are in my daily prayers. You said about moving back home in the east, where is back home to you? God Bless You - Lucy

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Hi Tiger...Susan from (snowy) BC here, watching my hyacinths grow in the house, and dying for Spring to get in the gasrden. I see you are still fighting strong! I had a scare recently, but biopsy showed no further cancer. It is now 16 months since first diagnosis. AND I quit smoking finally!! I will check out your other post now. Don't come here too often cos it is sooooo slow, but often think of you...Love susan

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