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post radiation swelling

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I need some advice. I completed six weeks of radiation in July 2001 and still my breast is swollen and burned. My nipple is very cracked and sore, I have tried all kinds of anti-inflammatory drugs and have had all kinds of x-rays and mri's. the doctor now wants me to try hyperbaric oxygen treatments for six weeks lasting two hours a day. These treatments are supposed to boost the oxygen in your cells which in turn is supposed to aid in healing. No one has been able to give me any insight on these treatments because it is primarily used for patients with wound's that won't heal. I don't have any open wounds and do not want to committ to that type of a regimen unless I can get more info. Financially, I cannot afford to miss the time from work. If anyone out there knows anything about these treatments or has had a similiar reaction to radiation and was able to get relief please let me know.
God Bless you all. And thanks in advance for any comments.

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Sorry to hear of your discomfort. I didn't have things as bad as you, but I found that when the itch etc got to much for me I used Corn Starch. I would mix it with water (tepid) and make a paste, it really helped me, so I'm hoping it will help you. Take care.

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thanks for the advice. itching is only a slight problem it's the swelling that is killing me. but I do occasionally have itching and I will try the corn starch thing. god bless and take care also.

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I found two sites with information about the treatments that might help.


I hope this helps. Keep us posted.


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thanks so much. I will check out these sites. god bless and take care also.

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Hi Laverne:

I had some swelling beginning about week 5 of my 7 and 1/2 weeks of rad. When I developed a bit of irritated skin, just beneath the breast, I found that AIR was the best healer. I know some women had very good results with the corn starch rememdy...
some make the paste and some just dust it onto the skin.

I found that the only thing which was truly cool and refreshing to my skin was the aloe
vera gel...straight from the plant. You may apply it as often as needed and don't have to worry about it being sticky, etc.. It dries very quickly and leaves no residue.

Re the swelling...I'm wondering if you're large breasted and/or if your bra is perhaps
pinching the tissue around the breast and
therefore not allowing the fluid to drain
away from your breast adequately? Just a thought. At home, I just wore a thin cotton t-shirt, with nothing else against my skin
and didn't wear a bra at all, (except for the surgical bra I wore for 3 days after surgery) from after my surgery until just recently.

Re the pain: I had some sharp pains in my breast about mid treatment. They went away
after a short time and haven't returned. When it happened, I'd get a nice stalk from my aloe plant...sit down and just massage the gel into my whole breast and that would
stop the pain completely. As the pain was inside the breast, I believe that the massage was what actually brought about relief. The aloe gel just kept the massage smoothe with no pulling on the skin.

Hope you find an answer soooon! I haven't heard of the oxygen treatments for this before, but, like yourself, I'm wondering
if it will help since you don't have any
OPEN, non-healing problems.

Keep us posted.

Love, light and laughter,

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thank you so much for your reply. I wish I could go bra-less but since the one breast is so swollen I am really lopsided and without a bra it would really look funny. Besides I am working everyday and can not go to work without a bra, I've thought about wearing tee-shirts under my blouse but like I said these 48DDD would run free and that would not be a good thing. :) I just purchased two new bra's and seem to be getting some relief. Wouldn't it be funny if all this was because of my bra's were big enough? I have an appointment with my surgeon on Friday so I will see what that leads to. I have decided not to do the oxygen treatments--that is just too much of a time committment for something that might not work. Take care and please keep in touch your e-mail really lifted my spirits. I will keep you posted about the appointment on Friday. God Bless.

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