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Dry head

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I started loosing my hair this week. The most traumatic thing for me was being able to run my fingers through my hair and pull it out. I ended up shaving it all off which was kindof fun. The worst part is that my head is really, really dry and itchy. Does anybody know of shampoos or lotions that can help?

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Hi Hege

The itchiness is usually caused by the loss of hair. Even if you hadn't shaved your head, you would feel an itchiness or some uncomfortable feeling. I remember that a couple of days before it fell out by the handfuls, I felt somewhat sick - a very unusual feeling - and I think it was due to the hair.

I didn't lose all my hair with AC - but taxol took EVERY hair everywhere.

I think any dry skin lotion would help but the itch is not from dry skin, I don't think.

Let us know how you feel by next week.

Good Luck,

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I lost all my hair in July; finished 4 rounds of A/C on 9/25/01. Hair is now about 1 1/2" long. The best thing you can use on your head is Eucerin (I think I spelled correctly). Be sure you apply several times per day. After a fashion you should see a difference. Good luck! Lydia from Georgia

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I also lost all of my hair but continued to use my regular shampoo and creme rinse every time I showered. My hair is beginning to grow back and I didn't have any problems with a dry scalp.

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I use The Body Shop, Body Butter on my scalp or whatever good lotion I have on hand.


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This is Rose from South Carolina and I lost all my hair and I noticed that this feeling went away after I lost all my hair. I used Dove for sensitive skin and that helped. Chemo made me real sensitive to smell, so smell stuff before you get in the shower. I almost threw up in the shower a few times from body products well meaning friends gave me as gifts. I was happy not to have to shave my legs or underarms. My hair is growing back now and it is about 1 and 1/2 inches long and it is REAL curly and black and silver. I had blonde hair before! I think I look kinda look cool this! You be good to yourself and I will keep you in my prayers. Rose

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Thank you ladies for all you're advice. I'm not sure what I'm going to try first but at least I have some options. It's so encouraging to hear from women who have been through this.
Many thanks! Hege

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