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my update

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hello to all, It's so good to read through the excerpts and realize what wonderful friends we all have become. Though I'm not on here often, it's always uplifting. Hello to Tiger and Pam, good wishes to all.
Myself, I continue with liver mets -- my tummy is quite large in fact, and some small bone mets. My oncologist told me in Dec to seriously consider not doing any more chemo as the last two tx did not stop the cancer from progressing, however, that to me felt like giving up and i went to madison wisc and got another opinion who thought i should go back to the original drugs i used for the cancer in late 97. SOOO... i started on cytogen and methrotrate , have had 2 tx and will be scanned in mid feb.. hope this scan shows some slowing (or reversing) of the cancer.
I always know where to turn -- HERE--- when down in the dumps
thanks to all of you!!!

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Hi Donna,
Just wanted you to know that I will keep you in my prayers. Good for you getting a second opinion. I am fairly new to this site but I have been truly blessed by being able to share with others that have been where I have. You take care of yourself and keep us posted. God Bless

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HI Donna, well, my onco basically told me the same thing in December just before christmas, he said there were two more types of chemo I could try if I wanted to, but it would be devastating to my system and quality of life would be nil, so I said, no thanks!! so he opted to come full circle and put me on the cmf, I did two courses, and the liver mets continued to grow through the chemo, so now I am just going about my days as if there was nothing wrong, no more chemo, no more blood work every week, no more going to the dr all the time for checkups, If I feel ill, then I go as per usual, but if I feel fine, I carry on like cancer had never invaded my life before!! It seems to be working well for us, less stress, still pain in my liver, but keep that under control with pain patches and Statex for breakthrough. I have my hair, my humour, family and friends who love me, and I am running with that. Piss on the "one more chemo" I am tired of that, I want to live!!! Grab the bull by the horns and have your way with him!!! Giggling all the way,.... I hope that you do well with your next scan and will be waiting anxiously for results, but you know what, even if the liver mets have grown, so has your desire to fight and your independance from this disease!!
I had a huge scare tonight, which only shows you what the mind does to you, I have been breaking out in little spots(turns out to be hives from nerves) and found under my mommy c section flabbly tummy, a big, ugly red rash, I thought ( incorrectly) that because the Hepatic artery in my liver is being cut off by the tumours, that toxins were building up in my liver, and were presenting themself like this rash, well, a trip to outpatients shows it is a yeast infection from a REALLY hot bath I had for two hours the other night!!!!! So , some canesten cream and I am good as gold again!!!!
I only think of my cancer when things like this crop up, then of course sometimes i go nuts.....
But I am back to my insomniac, lovable self again..
ps, Do not take Black Cohosh if est positive and having hot flashes, will make cancer grow quicker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am positive this time, I researched it today....!!!!!
Well, time to get my healthy as a horse, stubborn as a mule, fat as a cow body off to bed!!!! ha ha ha, laugh and the world laughs with you.!!!!!
Donna, you are going to win, together we will win and we will prove that women are the true driving force behind all humanity!!!!
You go girl!!!!! xoxoxox Rosa Tiger

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it's so good to hear from you,and Happy birthday to Rosa and Dave!!! hope your day is nothing but special!!!
your enthusism keeps us all going, it's that little angel in you that you give to others, and thankyou sincerely for it.
love dg

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Hello Donna,
You are so right about this site, friends for sure, many of us have become. We are all very fortunate to have so many women out there willing to share their stories like yourself.
Your in my thoughts and close to our hearts Donna, thanks for letting us know how you are doing. It never ceases to amaze me, just how stronged willed we can be.
Be Good to yourself,

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Hey Donna - Thanks for your good wishes. You just keep on with the treatments as long as you feel you can take them & that they might do some good. Don't ever give up on yourself & your own inner strength. See how far that has got Rosa. You can fight this for a long time I know & let's face it with all the new cures & life lengthening treatments coming out you only have to hang around long enough to get the one for you. I pray for you to hang on in there. Love Hugs

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