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Tiger Evening Primrose

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Hi Tiger, Well I wen to the DR. today they had to cancell last week so that is why I did not get back to you sooner. I asked her about the evening primrose and she said that she had not heard anything about not taking it if you were estrogen positive, but she is checking into it and will let me know.I also asked about the black cohosh and she said that I could take it. Thanks again for your info and concern.
God Bless Debbie

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I agree with Tiger and would suggest that you definitly do not take evening primrose or black cohosh. Aparently the only thing that will help hot flushes is estrogen and that is why they work. Please research it very thoroughly yourself. I have hot flushes quite badly and the only thing that makes them bearable is Effexor which is an antidepressant (taken in very small doses). I feel taking evening primrose and black cohosh is like been on the HRT pill
Good luck

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