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Radiation Blisters

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Can someone please give me some advice on dealing with the pain from the radiation blisters? They are so painful and I just don't know how much longer I can deal with them.

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I had this really bad I'am fair skined and my got as big as 2". My Doctor perscribed Thermazene it woerked well. When I got home from work I would put a thick layer on and then I had cut the sleeves out of a t-shirt and would let it stay on as long as I needed. Hope this helps. Sharon

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Ask your doc if he has any samples of Aquaphor it helped my blisters see if he can just give you a few sample tubes to see if it will work for you. Its a cream thats used for burns. Hope you get some relief.


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Have you tried aloh vera. it is very good for ordinary burns but i don't know how it would work for Radiation burns thinking of you

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Thank you all for the advice. I tried the aquafor but I had a reaction to it and broke out in welts. I am allergic to aloe vera so that is out. I asked about Thermazine but my doctor said he did not recommend this. So I am tring Hydrocotizone and so far it is helping some but not as much as I had hoped. I have 12 treatments to go.

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The best thing I have found to help is pure aloe vera gel. - no additives at all. Works wonders & so soothing. Hope it helps. Good luck.
Love & hugs

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