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urinary sphincter implant

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I had a radical prostatectomy on March 22, 2001; three bladder urethra resections, the last one on October 1st. I have absolutely no urinary control. I have tried the external catheter, Cunningham clamp and biofeedback Kegal excerises. However, none of these methods worked. I am now considering an artificial sphincter implant and would like to contact others who have had this procedure. Information about the surgery and possible post surgical problems with the device would be helpful.

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Hi Weiland, I saw your post and thought I would throw in my two cents. I have a artifical urinary sphincter. It was implanted in the last of March 2001 and activated on April 18. It does work well. My Doctor activates in 3 weeks after surgery. I was off work for 2 weeks. The pain was nothing like the rp. The surgery left the lower part of the shaft without feeling and the right testicle does not retract and the left does, I think this was done to protect the pump, which is right behind the right testicle. I ware a pad a day to work, quick moves, sitting down, and not getting to the bathroom when I should, causes a little leakage. Dr. checked it two months ago and checked the pad and asked how long I had it on, and I told him I put it on at 4am and it was 11am then and there was a few drops in it. On weekends and evenings I don't wear one. I have learned to use it fully dressed and use a urinal in the restroom like nothing was any different than anyone else. I had to change the style of underwear I was wearing in order to get the pad out of way and reach the pump. I use the hip hieght low cut, works well. So,basically I'm DRY. I went through what you went through the same thing that you are. Would I do it again? You bet, in a New York Minute! I have had NO problems. Sorry this is so long, but you asked, It is the only way I knew to tell you. Hope it helped meadc

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Hi Meadc, Sorry I didn't reply to your post sooner, but was most appreciative of the information you sent. Since, I had the implant on February 18, 2002 and came home with two catheters, one in my uretha and a suprapubic. Three days after surgery my leg swelled up, called my doctor, and went to hospital where they found a blood clot in my lower leg. I spent eight days in hospital. Now, I'm on Coumadin. Both catheters are out as of today (March 8th). The device will be activated on April 1st, so I'm back to incontinence!

Does your implant have two cuffs? I was hoping for two cuffs, but my doctor could only put one cuff on. Is your implant still as great as you mentioned? Thank you for the advice on the type of underwear, too. I thought it would be a "sit down" type of urination, so I'm glad you mentioned that you were able to use the urinal. Thanks again, weiland

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Sorry this is so late, but since I went back into management, something I said I would never do again, there are times when I don't get online for weeks. By this time you have a working AUS, I hope you are as happy with it as I am. If anyone wants ask me any questions, you can email me at cats_03@msn.com sometimes I get to my email quicker. I can you,that this implant is the greatest thing you can have done if you are incontinet. To answer Weiland, I have one cuff. The implant I have only uses one. meadc

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Hello 'meadc',
I had an RP in December 03. After about 6 months I was completely dry. However, I subsequently had to have 2 dilations to empty completely after which only short, light incontinence, then dry. In January 05, due to incomplete emptying and having to 'push' hard to go, my doc had to open a contracture in the bladder neck. Since then I have had significant incontinence, 3 to 8 pads a day depending on amount and degree of activity. Now I am thinking about a AUS. What is your experience now that you are farther along with your AUS? Any comments would be appreciated.
Feel free to email me at bandonpaul03@yahoo.com.
Anyone else reading this also feel free to email.

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Not sure when this post was done on advice from getting a Sphincter Implant installed but thought 

I would give some advice on the topic as I have had this procedure done 5 times since the year 2002 

unfortunatley it only last's about 2-3 years max and then the incontinence comes back with 

avengence, and as we all know the older we get the more dangerous opoperations can be 

in regards to the anesthesi. So in closing after having this operation 5 times and I might add I had 

a double cuff also each and every time, I just would not recommend this procedure to anyone 


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Gainer's story (and those of the others above and elsewhere in this forum) who developed permanent incontinence following prostate surgery is a classic example of why men should NOT allow any urologist/surgeon to remove their prostate with a knife unless ABSOLUTELY necessary and FWIW I do not believe that there is ANY circumstance when surgery is ABSOLUTELY necessary.

It's a crap shoot.  Sure lots of guys undergo surgery without any significant problems (but virtually NONE without "some" difficulties in recovery -- particularly in terms of ED and incontience) BUT then there are those like Gainer who have to suffer the consequences of a botched surgery for the rest of their lives.  Just not worth the risk to me.  I didn't take that risk and I am much better off for it -- no ED, no incontienence or any other "side effects" following my CK treatment almost 5 years ago now.

Seriously wish that all prostate cancer patients would boycott prostate surgery entirely.  It's barbaric and simply unncessary with the availability of modern radiation treatments that do the same job w/o the awful risks and burdens that surgery places on the men who undergo it.  Yes, there are back end risks to radiation treatment as well BUT nothing like the upfront risks of surgery.

Caveat emptor!!!


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