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Hi, I'm new to this site.
I had a lobectomy done 8 1/2 yrs ago also a tumor removed from behind my heart. The Dr said if he knew I had the tumor he would not have did the surgery (they thought it was a large artery). He said these types of tumors always come back. They gave me 10% chance of living 2 yrs. Well, I'm still here over 8 yrs later. I still get very winded walking up and incline. I can't walk & talk at the same time, I become very winded if I try.

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Good for you!! It is always wonderful to hear stories like yours to keep others going on hope and a prayer. I would have to sit all the time because I talk way too much. Keep fighting the fight and beating the odds.

jo anne
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Congrats to you as a survivor. I have been in remission from lung cancer for 2 years now and am thrilled to be planning my daughters wedding now. Aren't we Blessed?
Warm regard, Jo Anne

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I, too, am a two year lung cancer survivor. And I don't even let myself think it could come back. I love hearing from other cancer survivors, I think it gives people hope that didn't think there was any. We need to hear from more cancer survivors much more often.


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Hi LouLou,
I call my wife the same name, her name is louise, I am a four year cancer survivor. I had my right lung removed in June, 1998. I know statistically they say there is only a 14% five year survival rate, but I hope to exceed the five year rate next year. I think having a positive approach to life is needed. I never think about "it" coming back. MRMann19@aol.com

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I was wondering If you could answer some questions for a project on lung cancer. My Oma (Grandma)passed away from lung cancer from smoking. Thank-You
1. How did cancer affect your life?
2. Do you do anything differently know?
3. How did this affect your family?
4. Did you smoke or did one of your friends or family members smoke?
5. When were you diagnosed and cured of lund cancer?
6. What kind of treatments did they give you?
7. How long were you diagnosed?
8. Where were you treated for lung cancer?
9. Does anyone else in your family have cancer?
10. Do you ever fear that it may come back?
11. Do you live life normally now?
Thank-You sooo much.


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Well looks like I'm the longest surviver that you will hear from. I had my first lung cancer in 1987 and I had it again in 1991 (different cancers) I lost 1/2 of my left lung the first time and a little better than 1/4th of my right lung. Yes I was a smoker but that is not what caused mine I was also a hair dresser and they said the chemicals is what caused mine.(who knows for sure)Cancer certainly affects you life,by that I mean I think I appreciate it more. I had no treatments just surgery. I don't think I think about it comming back much but you are always aware that it can. I was 53 when Iwas diagonosed and I am 68 now and live a fairly normal life. I have aquired atsma and indeed if I try to doi too much I get short of breath but Ican still climb a flight of stairs or two and even if I have to stop and catch my breath I don't see anything wrong with that. My husband is very supportive of me and always has been. I don't let much stand in my way of living a good life.
By the way my first cancer was adenocarcinoma and the second was large cell carcinoma. I love to hear from other survivers and If I can be of help for anyone I would certainly love to hear from you.
There is another web sight that some of us go to pretty much every night at 10:00 cst its,

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This is my first time here. I had my left lower lobe removed in Feb. and now on
radiation. I was not a smoker so it was a suprise when I had a body scan done
and this was found. I have been given 1-3 years even tho there is no other
spots yet. I am elated to see survivors here.
Do any of you do anything with nutrition. I have stopped eating sugar as I
read it causes cancer to multiple faster. I would be happy to hear any other

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God Bless you, my son was diagnosed in Dec.02 with stage IV lung cancer. He's had chemo and is doing well, I too have found this site to be a blessing, it's hard to fine info. from survivors! My son goes to a nutritionist who advises him on supplements, anti-oxidents, etc.
I too have read sugar is not good, but sometimes after chemo that's all he's been able to keep down. Continue to share your story and keep the faith.

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