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Reconstruction surgery

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Hi everyone,
I have a question about reconstruction. I went for a consult with a plastic surgeon on Friday. I was wanting to do the TRAM flap. Because of having gallblader surgery several years ago & having a big scar from that the TRAM flap is not an option for me. The doctor said I would be a perfect candidate for the free flap though. He doesn't do them so it means having to go to another doctor yet. He has recommended a couple of doctors who do this type. I would like to hear from anyone that has had this type of surgery & your thoughts on it. Thanks in advance for your information.

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My best friend just had the free flap done and it looks great. They 2 surgurys first one to change the blood flow in the abdomnal muscle (incesion from hip to hip)
she was home in a day after that. They marked the skin they would use to make the breast. Then 2 weeks later she had the surgury and was in the hospital for 5 days.
They change the blood flow because when they attach it with micro surgury it has to thing its revieved blood from the heart in a differnt direction.
She was up walking 2 days later. She did say it hurt like the devil but was really glad she had it done. She got the stiches out this past friday and it looks wonderful. The touch is very normal feeling also. They will do the areaola and nipple in April. She is currently still on pain meds but did well enough to drive herself to the doctor to get the stiches out. If theres anything i may be able to answer for you just email me.
I wish you the best!!


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Thanks so much for the information. I really appreciate. I am anxious to get it done but at the same time I am really dreading having to go through another surgery. I'm sure it will be worth it though. Thanks again.

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On 1/28/02 I had my final tram flap surgery.I am on my 2nd plastic surgeon, and if he did my original surgery I would have been happy from the begining. I think he does the free flap. It was too late for me by the time I got to him but I really think he does. From what I read you do want someone with experience. If not he is so good he may be able to work around the scar. Its a longer recovery than implants but I didn't want implants at all. I don't know if we can give doctor information so if you want his name and # e-mail me @ jkl240@aol.com. He is an artist if I may be so corny. Take care

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