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Taxotere/ Taxol terrors!!

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Howdy do all!! I have not been on much as of late, but I do stop and read the posts sometimes. As for you Pammy my Darlin', I know what a ***** the Taxol can be, I was the same as you, my levels went sky high during my treatments, but then slowly lowered, along with tumour shrinkage!!! But my cancer is as stubborn as I am and just will not respond to anything anymore. Just keep your chin up, and visualize the pain gone, I would lay on my bed in the quiet, and mentally tell my pain to go away, and lone and behold, it worked!!
I am doing well, my stomach is really hurting today, I cleared the driveway out yesterday of some wet snow,I felt great at the time, but my tummy muscles are rebelling today!!
We put a load of dishes in the dishwasher last night, turned it on, it made some awful grinding noises then crapped out on us!! I had to hand wash all the dishes this morning ( oh boo hoo, poor me!!) and then use a container and get rid of the water in the bottom of the dishwasher, so tonight Dave has some guys from work coming over to help him tear it apart. We will have a dishwasher repair party!! He and the boys are outside right now throwing snowballs around, I should get supper ready, they will be famished by the time they get in here.
Well, I did not really have anything important to say, but sometimes reading mindless drivel is relaxing!!

I wish you all well and lets kick some cancer ***!!!!
hugs from Tiger

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Rosa, you sound great! You have such a great sense of humor! Keep on going girl!!!!!!We're rooting for you! Lots of hugs !!!!!!! Cathy

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Well Thank you, thank you very much!!! Tiger has left the forum!!!! lol.

xoxo Tiger

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HI Tiger - Is is just so good to see you posting a message again. We have all missed you and your fighting spirit. I think of you and your snow, because I am now down in Florida for my winter vacation. We will be down here from Pa. for 4 months, and it is great. My prayers are with you and may God bless you. Love, Lucy

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Sometime the little hassles of the day (breaking dishwashers, etc)are a blessing after dealing with the stuff we've dealt with!

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