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Having surgery again

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Hello everyone. Things have been going alright here. Just been a little down lately. I am having surgery again on Feb. 8 and am getting quite nervous. I will be having a hysterectomy and of course, no hormone therapy for me. I would love to hear from any of you who have had this done. I am only 24 years old and they said that this surgery will be quite hard on me without the hormones. My tissue expander surgery went great though. I did really think I was going to die in the beginning, but am soooooo glad that I had it done. Never realized how much not having any breasts really did bother me. Anyway, I hope you all are having a great New Year! Take care!


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I had my pelvic surgery on November 15 at the same time as my bilateral mastectomy. I had three surgeons who lined up one after the other. The biggest shock to me afterwards was that I couldn't sit up or stand up on my own after the surgery. I hadn't thought about how much I use the abdominal muscles. However, this was compounded because I wasn't allowed to use my arms to push up. My husband has been great helping me get around as I am still recovering from everything.

Hormones . . . it really is a shock to the system. They had already shut down my hormones with medications in January 2001. This was in conjuntion with chemo to make my surgery possible. As my husband says the night sweats are unbelievable. I have severe sweats on average each hour. At first I found it embarrassing at times. Example I was working full-time at a University and I would be meeting with a student and everything gets soaked the paper I am writing on etc. I am a private person and was only 32 when this started. I wear a wig so the students don't think chemically or surgically induced menopause, but they think I am having a heart attack. Well I just laugh and tell them it is a hot flash. I am learning to live with the sweats. What bothers me most is the difficulty in getting to sleep. The doctors recommend sleeping medication, but that is one thing I would prefer not to start. So I read at night and try to time going to sleep as soon as a night sweat begins to end.

Also my husband, believe it or not, came up with a GREAT IDEA. I sleep on several towels and remove them as they become soaked. I also wrap a towel around a pillow that I use between my legs for pain. It absorbs the water so that I don't feel so yucky.

Hilarious note: I have rusted out two watches since last January.

Many prayers and Best Wishes! Laura

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Hi Laura! Well I can't say that your note was encouraging for me, but I was greatful for the info. My OB-GYN has said that there are several meds out there that aren't hormones that can control night sweats. ONe of them she mentioned was Paxil and the other one was a blood pressure medication that's a patch. Might be worth checking into. I had terrible night sweats when I was going through my chemo. I am not looking forward to them again. Take care and thanks so much for your post!


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good luck with the next phase we will be thinking of you. Glad to hear you are so pleased with your expanders and yourself.
Let us know how you do.
Be good out there,

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Carrie, I will be thinking of you and praying for you as you go to your surgery, chin up, all will be good. I envy you your new boobs, I cant wait to get mine done!!!
hugs to you

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Dear Carrie:
My thoughts and prayers are with you as always. I do hope all is going well with your recovery.
Hugs, Brenda

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Hi Carrie,
I had a hysterectomy when I was 26 years old and I was on hormones up until the day they found out I had breast cancer. So now I have hot flashes. First they tried me on a blood pressure patch which didn't work very well for me,next they tried prozac that made me jittery and I could not sit still and I cried all the time. Now I am taking 800ius of vitamin E 1300 mg evening primrose and 1000 mg black cohosh it has helped me alot I still get them but not as bad.You are in my thoughts and prayers keep us posted on how you are doing.God Bless

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Hi, honey, I am not young like you are but because of my strong family history of cancer I chose not to use hormones as I went thru menopause. I sure don't mean to tell you that our situations are the same, I am sure they are not, but just remember, I did fine, many hot flashes, soaking nitegowns, etc., but 99% of the world's women don't have any hormones if they wanted them. Try to keep a positive attitude, and, even tho I got BC anyway, I am not sorry I chose not to use hormones. God bless you! Shirlann

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