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Quick question!

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I've been on Tamoxifin for just over 1 year and the hot flashes aren't getting any better. My GYN recommended Vitamin E but couldn't tell me how much. Does anybody know the theraputic amount? Thanks! Happy New Year! HUGS!! Cathy

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I believe it's 800 units/day. I take 2 400 unit pills: one in the AM and one in the PM. - Gay

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I take 800 mg also. Some doctors recommend up to 1000mg, but don't exceed that amount. Vitamin E is stored in the fat, so you can get too much. Plus it thins the blood, so some doctors want you to stop taking it if you are having surgery. Just be sure to let them know what you are taking and how much. I also take Balck Cohosh with soy. It has really helped me. Mine is 40mg of black cohosh and 100mg of soy protein per tablet. I will be honest I get mine over the internet. I tried one from the drug store, when I forgot to order my supply and it didn't help a bit. That is the trouble with herbals, they aren't regulated, so you need to make sure they are manufactured to a standard. Good luck.

God Bless,

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Thanks for responding. 800 mg. it is. Kathy, are you estrogen positive? If so, check with your MD as soy feeds off the estrogen and you want to get rid of the estrogen. Also, black cohash has some effect on estrogen and if positive, it is also recommended you stay away from it.Good luck. HUGS!! Cathy

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Hi Cathy,
I have taken 400iu of Vit. E for several years. After starting on tamoxifen & the hot flashes started I began taking 2 daily. One in the morning & one in the evening. Before I was to have surgery last month I cut back to one a day. So far I am still just taking one & I am doing fine. My hot flashes are not bad, just some during the night once in a while. good luck.

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Hi Cathy
I too have been on tamoxifen for just over a year and am getting quite bad hot flushes. I would be very carefull what you take as a lot of medecines create estrogen and estrogen you don't need. Check with your oncologists BEFORE YOU TAKE ANYTHING.
I am taking effexor in very small doses every second night and they are at least bearable. Be carefull that you do not undo the good effects of Tamoxifen.
Love pippi

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Hi Pippi. Thanks for the info. I'm only taking Vitamin E which is perfectly safe . The black cohash that many women take has estrogen like properties as do a few other remedies so I'll stick to the vitamins. I mentioned the Effexoe and a few other meds. but the MD didn't want to go that route. Hopefully, this will work. HUGS!! Cathy

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