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Treatment Options?

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I have a friend that went through chemo and radition therapy about 3 months ago. There was significant shrinkage of the tumor at that time. Today she received news that she has a new tumor and was told there is nothing that can be done.

Her cancer is inoperable (why?) and the only plan of action is more chemo (with a very bleak outlook).

I'd like to know why nothing can be done. Why can't they just remove the lung? My concern is that she is being treated in this manner because she does not have medical insurance.

Can someone tell me what options should be available to her, what she needs to ask of the Dr., or where she needs to turn for more information on possible treatment options?


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HI, I don't know if this is any help but, go to www.cancercenter.com for inoperable cancers. Your friend should also be applying for Social Security Disabilitiee Benifits for insurance and help. Mike , goodluck

jo anne
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Dear friend,
I am 2 years in remission from lung cancer. I truly wish I had answers for you. I was inoperable I was told because it had spread to my lympph nodes. I went through radiation and chemo. I only know that it is important to keep the immune system stress free and healthy. There are special diets some people swear by. ???? I have no answers but will pray for your friend.
warmest regards,
Jo Anne

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