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An Interesting Year

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Once again I find myself looking back over the past few years only to realize I don't have to look back very far to see how interesting life can be. I made it through the Christmas season without too many problems, eating less and drinking more. Even managed to get a few cocktails down. I found some medication that tamed the spastic bowel so feeling a bit better to start the new year. I also see a specialist on the 3rd and hopefully will really get back to living in the new year.
I had a wonderful Christmas with my son. I can't believe how time has helped him find his way back to his family and find some hope for his future. I think we all can find so much to be grateful for and I too know how grateful I am for so many things. Our health doesn't define who we are. We find our way and rise above all there is to accept what we are left with.
I look forward to starting the new year and getting back to the life I know.

"The fast way to freedom is to feel your feelings." GITA BELLIN

Happy New Year here's to 2002

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Hi Tara,

You are so right in saying our health does not define who we are ! Moments of happiness with family or friends or just ourselves are so important ! Life is indeed beautiful, and to be appreciated in the present tense. The past may bring regrets and the future worries, but the present is just ours to enjoy. Agood book, a moment of being pain-free for some, a smile from our child or from a stranger... Thank you God for those tiny miracles !

Big hugs,
And Happy New Year,

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