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Test results

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I received the good news that my bone scan was normal! The blood tests however revealed some liver abnormalities, so I am scheduled for some repeat liver enzyme tests and a liver CAT scan in the next week or so. THe oncologist says that there is a possibility that the enzymes are elevated due to fatty changes. I have been on Motrin for the pain and she said that it can also cause liver abnormalities. SHe stopped that and put me on aspirin. Anyway, I appreciate your prayers so much. I hope you all have a wonderful new year. God bless you and keep you in the palm of His hand.
Love, Jayne

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Dear Jayne:
Thanks for the note. Please always feel I am thinking and praying for you. The liver can have benign cysts, also. After about the 5th CAT scan my doctor has decided that a couple of the leisions that were diagnosed as malagnacies in my liver, are just harmless cysts. Praise God! The other tumors disappeared, but cysts don't react to chemo! Go figure...
With hugs and prayers,

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Good to hear Jayne
Happy New Year, just want to know why it is that you aren't taking something like advil or tylinol Extra Strength. These drugs tend to be less reactive with other things. You might suggest they look at arthritis next because many of us suffer this side affect from treatments.
Stay o top of it all, sounds like you have doctors looking things over. That is illl all we can ask for.
Take good care of yourself, best wishes through the new year.

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Dear Jayne
Try not to worry too much about the liver abnormalities. Problems here can be a reflection of healing as well as a problem my oncologist tells me. I often get odd liver results but they always prove to be nothing. But the CT scan shoud put your mind at rest. Best of luck & prayers & hugs to you.


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