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scar tissue

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I have a rather large 'lump' right under my scar ( i had a lumpectomy). My surgery was a year ago this month. I have been told this is scar tissue. Has anyone else had this? Thanks.... and a healthy new year to everyone. Susan

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Hi Susan
I had a lumpectomy Nov.1,2000 and I have some lumps under and around the scare. I was told they are scar tissue from the surgery and the radiation can change the consistancy of the breast tissue as well. I have had one mammogram ... they said it is harder to read because of the scaring .. so I bugged them to look really hard .. as I'm sure they do with breast cancer survivors. I think the scare tissue will always be there ... keep watch on the size and bug the radiologist to use the super sonic microscope when checking your mammograms. And ... if you are taking Tamoxifen ... that changes you breast tissue also ... so you may have changes in your other breast. Sorry about the long reply. Hope it gives you a little peace of mind. Best wishes. Jamie

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Thank you so very much! AFter I read your response it felt like 100 lbs were lifted off my shoulders. I'm scheduled for my annual mamogram next week and I'll certainly take your advice. Thanks again.... Susan

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I had mastectomies and have experience extreme scar tissue and at times feels firm depending what time of month it is. It is not unusual for these to be painful as well but that would indicate more of a nerve ending problems. I always tell people if pain is a problem keep bugging doctors, don't let them forget you are in pain, so problem is addressed rather than numbed.
Best wishes in the New Year Susan, just stay on top of things and don't let them go on and on. Be your own advicate for a good quality to your life.

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