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Prayers for Rosa

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All of you who are familar with Rosa or "Tiger" knows what a fighter she is, and those of you new to this site just know she is one of the reasons that got me interested in settling in here. She and Pam were the main correspondents when I first found CSN early last spring. She is a real inspiration and she needs all of us to pray for her and to inspire her to keep up the good fight. Try to take a minute or two on Sunday to send a little prayer her way. I know how powerful prayer is when given in one accord. We all need each others prayers every day!
If you read this Rosa and Pam, just let it show you what you mean to me and all the others you have helped.
With love and prayers,

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Greetings to all,

Rosa has asked for prayers and to spread the request around especially prayers for Sunday Dec 23 when she is having the sacrament of the sick. For now she has decided to stop chemo and did not go today for her treatment, but went shopping instead - and said she had a good time!

My love and prayers to all the members here.

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Hi there all, I just want to thank you for your continued support and helping me on my journey to good health again, You all have become so important to me in so many ways, some of you make me laugh, some comfort me, but in your own way you are all my family and I need you, even though I dont get on this site very often, I still think about you all and pray for you all.
I fight for me, and for you. Together we shall kick cancer ***!!!!

hugs from Tiger

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There she is - Tiger- still roaring - what a nice sound!! :-)

Hugs from Jean

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It has been so long since I wrote to you whether from here or my reg. email. But I think of you daily.
Sage adn cedar my prayer carriers so often carry my intercession to our Creator and Savior for you. Bless you for all the inspiration you have been to all of us.

We all keep fighting for you as well as for ourselves. hugs, prayers, and a midnight dance by candlelight (although it is much too cold here (my room temp is about 48 F) to try naked dancing this time.

love you cher

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