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Neuropathy (Foot numbness/tingling and pain)

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I had cancer (stage 3a in my right lung in April 2000.I took Carboplatin and Taxol to reduce the tumor down to 3.8cm before my middle lobe was removed on 28 June. Unfortunately three enlarged lymph nodes (viz.near to the trachea, oesophagus and subcarina) were unoperable because there existed EBVirus. My doctor gave me further chemotherapy of Carboplatin and Gemcertabine. there were no effect. He then wanted to give 2 more treatments of Taxoltere before sending me off to radiation. I only accepted once because I couldn't stand any further.In Octobober and November I went through 30 times radiation.
I'm now in remission; but the numbness, tingling and pain is becoming quite bad even though it was a year ago.

Has anybody been through the same problem? Could anybody help? It will be much appreciated.

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Hi , I also have nueropathy of the hands and feet, it has been less than two months since my treatment and I can say that I know the pain youl are talking about. My doctor told me to take B COMPLEX VITAMINS and said that hopefully that it will help. I also have sclc and am waiting for final results. Mike

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yes! thankyou for sharing, I would really like to talk more about it. My friend and I are lung cancer patients and both of us have the same exact simptoms, numbness and the pain is horrible. I ask the docters and they say it is the effects of the chemo and radiation and they tell me that when your bone marrow is buildding back up all of your long bones hurt, if you find out morr please email me tdrreamflyer@cs.com
take caree

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I had 4 chemo and 32 radiation treatments. After about the 2nd chemo I began having severe neuropathy. It has been about 7 or 8 months that I have been unable to walk without using a walker and braces. My hands are still bad also. One dr. said everyone is different and a neurologist said there was no cure. I have seen messages from people who said they are fine now and that it just takes time - I hope they are right.

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